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Rest in peace, Chavo Guerrero Sr.
[1949 - 2017]

A true legend has passed away today, and one less Guerrero walks our planet. Chavo Guerrero Sr., a superstar who is internationally known for being one of the most polished and precise wrestlers to enter the squared circle, has passed away. Chavo was a champion in multiple regions, between Oregon, Florida, the NWA, New Japan, and holds the distinction of being the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion ever. Chavo’s son, Chavo Guerrero Jr., carries on his legacy. Rest in peace, Chavo. I wish our paths had crossed.

Stupid Storylines

Request: “ Could you make a jealous Noam Dar fic? She has an on-screen relationship with Finn Balor, and when they have to kiss, he gets mad at her and Finn? If you eant, you could figure out the rest :-) - Regular imagine please”

Word Count: 878

Requested by Anon

A/N: A Noam Dar fic! Yay!

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