wwe cats

A Fluffy Little Beast

Pairing: Brock Lesnar X OC/Reader

Word Count: 2,428

Contains: Fluff! I think. A new pet shop opened across the hall from OC’s workplace, and she absolutely has to drag boyfriend Brock in to see the animals. No smut! This was the result of me struggling to figure out how to write fluff, so I hope it’s okay - special thanks to @omgmissmillie and @macfizzle for helping me out with planning this <3

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The mall was busy and bustling with people, but I hardly noticed it. Scrolling through my Facebook feed while lounging on a bench, I was waiting for my boyfriend Brock Lesnar to arrive to pick me up from work. I’d been working at the mall’s bookstore since high school, and now that I was a manager, there was a part of me that suspected I’d never leave. The fact that my boyfriend was a professional athlete who made lots of money definitely helped, since I could work for fun instead of working because I was desperate to pay bills.

A few times while waiting, my eyes had wandered upwards from my phone. A new shop had opened up across the hall from mine today, a pet shop with a large, colourful bird in the window. He tended to squawk at the passing people, and a few of my own customers had mentioned how cute the animals were over there. My curiosity was just beginning to peak when I saw Brock approaching, and I leapt up from my seat on the bench.

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