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On this day: Evolution dominates the night at Armageddon as Randy Orton upends RVD for his first Intercontinental Title, Ric Flair & Batista surprise the Dudley Boyz in Tag Team Turmoil to win the World Tag Team Championship and HHH steals the pin on Goldberg from Kane to take back the coveted World Heavyweight Championship. (12/14/03)

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Hell In A Cell for the WWF Championship:
Kurt Angle (Champion) Vs. Triple H Vs. The Undertaker Vs. The Rock Vs. Rikishi Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Armageddon - December 10th, 2000

There have been very few spectacles in professional wrestling quite like Hell In A Cell. The diabolical structure has modified careers and created memories for fans that would last for centuries. How do you make a match like this bigger than it already is? Put the WWF Championship on the line. Bigger? Well, you put the 6 biggest superstars in the WWF in the ring… now that’s legendary.

This is a near hour-long match, but once the excitement begins, it never ends. Watch for some classic moments, including one that made Rikishi “famous”.



On this day

December 17th, 2006 - WWE Armageddon: Paul London and Brian Kendrick © vs M.N.M. vs the Hardy Boyz vs William Regal and Dave Taylor in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The high flying and exciting duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrick would form as a tag team when Kendrick returned to the WWE in September 2005, and go on a nice little run on Smackdown, one that saw them topple M.N.M. to become the WWE Tag Team Champions. Their title reign would see them surpass the longest reign anyone had managed of these titles since their introduction in 2002, but that was about to be under threat, thanks to a losing streak to a devious duo…..

Feeling fed up of being mocked and made to look silly, William Regal would bring back fellow Brit, Dave Taylor to Smackdown, with both men keen to capture the Tag Gold. Regal and Taylor would go on a mini run of their own, showing management what they were capable of, only for Taylor to suffer a knee injury. While he was out of action, Regal competed in singles bouts, where he picked up wins over both London and Kendrick, individually. 

M.N.M. would be booked to take on London and Kendrick, needing a “tune-up” match ahead of their match with the Hardy Boyz at ECW December to Dismember, a match that saw Taylor and Regal interfere, costing the Tag Team Champions the non-title match. The following week, Taylor was cleared to wrestle, and he and Regal faced “Londrick”. Thanks to Regal stalking Ashley Massaro round the ring, London and Kendrick took their attention off the match, before Regal slammed Kendrick head first off the ringpost, and Taylor picked up the win. This would see WWE give them a title match, but having also won a non-title match, M.N.M. wanted their shot too. That would be granted, before adding in the Hardyz too….and making it a Fatal 4-Way LADDER Match!

December 17th, 2006, and WWE Armageddon took place at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia. Here in full is the Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship, as Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on M.N.M., the Hardy Boyz and William Regal and Dave Taylor! 

Triple H [December 15th, 2002]

I’m not one for believing that professional wrestling should be based on absolute chaos, because there has to be some control in order for things to run smoothly. However, when Triple H comes out with vengeance on his mind, the only thing I want, is chaos. In this match, Triple H had been dethroned a month earlier from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by his former best friend, Shawn Michaels, and this was his re-match. A Three Stages Of Hell match, which included a street fight, a steel cage match, and a ladder match, all in one night. There have been five Three Stages Of Hell matches in the WWE, and Triple H has been in three of them. He’s only lost one, and it wasn’t this one.