Guess who’s got a store now 8V 

I’m not sure why Society6 takes //ages// to upload my art but Redbubble does it in the blink of an eye? Either way I’ll find a new store if there are issues but for now, interested in some wrestling swag? :’3
Phone cases, shirts, mugs, tote bags, we got ‘em all~

Also note! The artpiece feat. Sami Zayn is basically for charity ie. the entire markup price will be donated to Syrian aid charities (and I receive no profit from it!). This is permanent and you can request Paypal statements for veracity. 
I’ll be doing hi-def versions of certain pics from the past to be uploaded so if there’s a specific work you want me to put up there, let me know!

Please spread the word!


“Little kids know what it’s like to have dreams. The dream that they have right now, it’s real. It’s all built up in the heart and that’s like everything that I’ve had since then, since I was 10 years old, this is it. It’s just… this is it, this is my heart.”

The recent phenomenon of Instagram commenters (and maybe even some people on here)  being confused about Naomi’s use of AAVE towards Alexa Bliss (”Snatching her bald”) shows that the average wrestling fan can only enjoy Black culture/slang when it’s watered down and/or made a mockery of by a White wrestler. 

Because you know damn well if Carmella or Liv Morgan said that, they would be called “queens”.