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Titus O’Neil suspended for… ^ that.
[February 9th, 2016]

You know, I’m honestly shocked. I had planned on writing a piece about Titus O’Neil’s singles push lately, but apparently, he was sent home from SmackDown last night and suspended. Why? Because he playfully grabbed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s arm as he made his exit after the Daniel Bryan farewell address. As you can see above, McMahon playfully shoved him back and everyone around laughed about it. Though it looks playful and like nobody involved was hurt in any way, O’Neil has been suspended for 60 days. This, of course, means that he won’t be competing on WrestleMania weekend.

I’m shocked by this. Honestly. It seemed to me like lately, O’Neil has gotten non-stop praise for his work in various communities and for giving the company such a great public image. Between his work in treating the homeless to dinner and showing up at schools to rewarding children for reading with SmackDown tickets, O’Neil has done absolutely nothing but exhume goodness and been beyond a positive role model for anyone who hears his name. This doesn’t make him invincible, however, as we won’t be seeing O’Neil until April, when he’ll make his return on what I’m guessing will be an episode of WWE Superstars.

The only good news regarding any of this is that it gives O’Neil two months off from his hectic WWE schedule, allowing the 38-year old athlete time to spend with his family. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing his name pop up a lot over the next two months in regards to his work with helping people and encouraging people to better themselves.