I’m a Colferette for life! I love, adore & owe this man so much!! Chris you are the perfect role model because you are not afraid to be yourself and how you handle the haters is amazing!

My wonderful friend Michelle once told me to adopt a Chris state of mind when dealing with haters or unpleasant situations! I have taken her advice on many occasions! I actually took it one step further! While adopting the Chris state of mind I always ask myself…WWCCD? (What Would Chris Colfer Do?)

Chris is my sunshine, inspiration, role model and is truly an angel on Earth! I am proud to say I will be a Colferette until my dying day!! Love you Chris!!❤️📚👼🎶☀️😃

"You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable?"

Recently someone I know tweeted their opinion about a track by one of their favourite artists. The tweet was negative as this fan didn’t like the tune. Whatever. They’re still a fan. I can vouch that they’re fucking bonkers about this artist as I have had to endure enough hours of them playing me, talking about and playing drums/guitar along to the band. I’ve known this fan for a very long time and since introducing them to the artist and his band, they have been obsessed. I know all of this because I have a history with said fan but even if I didn’t know them, I’d never judge them for having an opinion on a band that I like. I’m a grown up who can recognise that people can have an opinion that doesn’t affect mine. People can dislike a song by a band but still like the band. That goes without saying, right?

Apparently not. The obsessed fan who tweeted their opinion received a shitty tweet in response from a ‘fan club’ who had been trolling twitter for negative tweets about the artist - just FYI: Troll - being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can - as with most things like this on the internet, they got caught up in a dialogue about it (although oddly enough, the ‘fan club’ didn’t engage the fan with their own opinion on the song…..huh?) - the ‘fan club’ kept responding saracastically/personally to the fan’s tweets about their opinion of the tune and love for the other music by the artist. It was blatantly just someone with too much time on their hands who is fine with attacking random strangers on the Internet. It’s the Internet and you’re allowed to do whatever you like (within reason, of course), fine. What I find grim about this whole scenario is that this person believes they’re doing good. A fan club is all about supporting an artist you love and promoting them:

Fan club:

A fan club is a group that is dedicated to a well known person, group, idea (such as history) or sometimes even an inanimate object (such as a famous building). Most fanclubs are run by fans who devote considerable time and resources to supporting them.

If you want to stand out as someone representing that artist, remember that you’re the face of that group. Running a fan club should come with those Jesus bracelets: WWJD (what would jesus do) but they should say shit like: WWCCD (what would Chris Cornell do). Passive aggressive tweets are weak - a smiley face does not make an insult ok.

Does your favourite band and / or artist troll Twitter and pick fights with strangers and more importantly, fans? As mentioned, you’re supposed to be someone who loves the artist. LOVE being the operative word. Share the love, manz!

The artist in question is Chris Cornell and what I find really LOL worthy about all of this is that I could post a gazillion quotes from awesome and credible musicians (Trent Reznor being one - his quote about Cornell is the subject of this blog) who have slated Cornell’s solo stuff. I wonder if the troll would like to query them about their opinions too? Yeah.

A smile (when used in conjunction with kind words) goes a long way and it’s just nice being nice, innit. I love meeting someone who is into the same stuff as me and when there is a conflict, it makes it more interesting. You may never agree but someone challenging your opinion makes you assess your argument and reinforce the reasoning behind your love for a band/artist…#TRUEFACT. Maybe next time you’re trolling the net mister fan club dude, try being nice. You may be able to convince the person that you were previously attacking to look at their argument in a different way instead of just wading in with insults and appropriating even more negativity on a track that someone was unsure about in the first place.

This blog wasn’t written from an industry point of view - I wrote it because I dig music and I’m a fan of bands. I also happen to like being challenged on my views and having a banter about ‘stuff and ting’, as well as wanting to hear other people’s opinions. I think you’ll find that is what is known as HUMILITY…#WWCCD, guy.