tonight’s concert is the 69th and final performance of the Where We Are Tour 2014 and to celebrate this mile stone, i thought i’d dedicate a little series of posts to this moment. the boys have worked really, really hard on this tour and did their very best to make the shows as fun and enjoyable for the fans as possible - i like to think they succeeded. the Where We Are Tour 2014 also marked the boys first ever visit to South America, where they played shows for more than 400.000 fans! here’s a cheers! to a rather successful first leg of the Where We Are Tour 2014! [part1][part2][part3][part4]


One Direction - Moments. Santiago, Chile 01/05


One Direction - Happily. Santiago, Chile 01/05


Like, first spent some music videos on the big screen and then came the opening act (P9) and they delayed an hour and a half/two hours but it was the best experience of my life. They are so tall and I ’ve seen them up close, I can’t believe it.Harry tattooed Brazil near his dick, Liam danced samba, Niall sang 5sos (she looks so perfect) and Liam did beat box . Harry is so muddled , and gorgeous, Liam is so fit ! Zayn is a greek god, Niall is so funny and cute and Louis… I’m speechless . The fireworks were very beautiful and I still to sluggish (sorry for the bad english)