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Speaking in GAs

We decided to go over one of the most important things in a GA, SPEAKING!!!! For the love of god, always have your placard up, unless you have just spoken. This is considered rude and is just inviting the chair to hate you. When they are taking names for a moderated, keep your placard up. Also, don’t extend a moderated if you have speaking in it because the char will definitely not call on you during the extending if you spoke earlier in the same moderated. It’s a good practice to always get a new one and try to be the first speaker so you can lead the debate into an area that’s favorable for you. One thing that helps in this case is if you are a smaller country. Smaller countries tend to be less opinionated in real life, so by speaking up, it gives a good impression yo your chair.

            When you do go up to the front of the room, try to say something substantive. Don’t waist one of your precious speaking opportunities. Don’t just say to agree with some one and leave it at that. Try to contribute your own ideas and thoughts in the matter to the debate. This shows you aren’t just memorizing stuff or not consciously thinking. Don’t be that delegate that memorizes things; try to be a bit freer and relaxed about it. As always if there are any questions, feel free to message us.

USA and Czech Republic 


I’ve been getting quite a few requests wanting to know how this happened, so I figured I’d just make a post with all of the pics from Liam the photographer. Basically, my original badass sign saying “Liam, take my phone #selfie #video” got lost somewhere in the stadium, and I was a bit bummed so during 5sos I went out, found a blank sheet and recreated it, thinking that it was better than nothing. I held up the sign several times for him, Zayn, and Harry and I think they all acknowledged it with like a glance or a smile but nothing. I did get a point and wave from Harry (which was great btw, very very cute) but I wanted my pic dammit.  I knew my best chance was Little Things, so I prepped myself and the guard to not block my view (I was one seat away from the catwalk), and as Lima sat practically in front of me, I held the sign up and just waited. He got through his verse and I was like- yeah okay, maybe now- but ZAYN freaking reached back and interrupted what I was hoping would be my moment, and I flailed bc it’s ziam (at that point, Zayn and Liam had already given me a years worth of interaction. My babes were chatty and smiley :D) , so I just focused on recording that. AND THEN…

Liam got up, walked in front of me, grabbed a towel, gave it to a uard to give a fan, and then sat down and looked directly at me and asked me to give my phone to him. I pointed at the guard and said/gestured if I should hand it to him instead and he said no, and motioned for me to toss it. I always said I would never becuase if I break my phone, I’ll be so mad, but guess who caved when Liam Payne asked? ME. I’m so see through, lmao. I tossed it so damn quick and then a flurry of things happened. All the girls around me freaked out, 3 guards rolled up saying yelling about stepping back and then PADDY fucking PADDY jumps in front of me and yells “DONT DO THAT AGAIN” . I yelled back .“HE ASKED FOR IT, SOZ”. LMAO. The other guard was like- Liam’s the bigger so..

Anyway, I missed most of the picture taking bc of all that, but I saw Paddy pose for my camera and I choose to believe that’s his apology to me. Liam called him over and gave him my phone to bring it back to me and he handed it with an annoyed smile. SORRY , you gotta share Liam and Zayn Paddy. I don’t make the rules.

And that is alllllll. Much love to tomfjord @giggleshrug hisroyalhighnessmalik and my bestie Lina for a great weekend. It’s j ust now hitting me, and I’m actually shaking so I gotta go. BYEEEEEE.