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Texas Couple Enslaves Nigerian Nanny

The caretaker was forced to stand up during the day and slept on the floor during her 20 hour unpaid shifts.

Texas couple is facing a handful of charges for keeping a Nigerian nanny locked in their home without pay for over two years.

The nanny, whose identity has not been revealed, was hired under false pretenses by Sandra and Chudy Nsobundu in September 2013. She was promised $100 every month as salary to clean their Houston area home and watch over their five children. Instead, the caretaker was enslaved and forced to work without pay from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. every day

The nanny was also abused by Sandra Nsobundu and forced to drink milk left in bowls that the children had used for cereal. She was let to eat only leftovers and couldn’t have a warm water to drink. The couple even took her passport. The victim was rescued after the National Human Trafficking Resource Center received a tip in October. 

Do you know what is important? That Ku Klux Klan is still here and still active. And that people can have a thought in their minds to enslave a black woman for 2 years. It is horrifying and clearly shows that racism is still a top problem of the American society.

There is hope , that one day we will eventually overcome racism,  everybody would be treated equally and no human being in this whole world would be treated like a slave in the 21st century.