wwat: better than words

We ran into the hotel room, where the studio was set up. We laid it down and as I was making the quick little beat Liam went [to the bathroom] and he came out and he was like ‘Bro, what if we write a song using all song titles?’ And I don’t know who it was [but] 'better than words’ popped out somehow…

And then were like, 'Sh–, we got it. What if you’re saying that you can’t even describe how good someone’s love is because it’s better than words. So you can’t even use your own words. You have to use other people’s words [from songs] and even those words aren’t good enough.’ I love that song.

—  Julian Bunetta on writing “Better Than Words” with Liam Payne

This playlist contains every single song that is mentioned in One Direction’s Better Than Words. Enjoy!

I got my inspiration from this post


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