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Why did Henry VII bury Elizabeth Woodville quietly on her death in 1492? For the same reason she was retired to a convent during the earlier Lambert Simnel crises - she was a reminder of the past glories of the house of York. After the Simnel crises she was treated well. By 1490 she was receiving an annuity to compensate for the lands she had lost to her daughter, and even after Perkin Warbeck appeared, the King gave a Christmas gift of 50 marks to, ‘our most dear Queen Elizabeth mother to our own dear wife’.  Yet when she died in July 1492 she was buried ‘privily..without any solemn dirge done for her obit’ indeed, ‘nothing was done solemnly for her’ except the provision of a hearse, ‘such as they use for common people’.  It has been suggested that this may reflect her dying wishes to be buried, ‘without pomp’, but while Henry V had eschewed any ‘damnable superfluities’ for his funeral, and Henry VII would seek to avoid undue ‘pomp’ at his, they still expected, and got, amongst the most stately funerals of the Middle Ages.  Elizabeth Woodville most emphatically had not and this caused negative comment at the time. As when Lambert Simnel had appeared in Ireland, Henry was anxious not to encourage nostalgia for the past glories of the House of York. Burying her quietly helped achieve this

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yo whats up fish

(WWhat the fuck is this hornless wwingwworm doin’ here, oh god, be civvil. Maybe he’s an alien. You don’t wwant to go offendin’ foreigners. You’re not ready for wwar. If it comes dowwn to it… -Eq can be the first sacrifice to appease their potential bloodlust. WWhatevver they are may havve powwer beyond our comprehension.)


B… Business as usual. An’ you?

It’s debated that The Sarin Gas attack on Tokyo metro (March 1995) is one of the many reasons why Neon Genesis Evangelion ended up becoming a hit. Below I have summed up some of the reasons as to why this could be true.

The attack was made by a religious movement named Aum Shinrikyo. The founder (Shoko Asahara) outlined a doomsday prophecy, which included a World War III instigated by the United States. They believed that it would lead into a nuclear Armageddon and that humanity would die aside from those who joined into Aum.

On March 20th of 1995 Aum Shinrikyo members released Sarin gas into several parts of Tokyo Metro. 12 people died in this attack and over 1000 people had to be hospitalized or treated on the spot.

This terrorist attack changed Japan for good and even after 20 years it still remains engraved in peoples memories and is considered to be the biggest terrorist attack in Japan’s modern history. Post World Wwar II Japan had tried to paint an image of an non-violent country and people were shocked that something like this would happen in their country. The attack caused massive disruption and widespread fear in society.

Neon Genesis Evangelion aired on TV couple of month later and is speculated to have helped people cope with the attack due to the particularly heavy and depressing subjects that NGE deals with. Adults (with the attack still fresh in their mind) started to watch NGE and many ended up relating with the shows message, making the show a hit because of it’s subject material and imagery.