☆ [ Kyuuketsuki darake no Haruyasumi LOG 1]

The spring Drama CD was so much fun I just had to draw out some scenes from it <3 Adding my own delusions, ofc(?) haha

If you haven’t listened to it yet, please get a copy! You won’t regret it~~

Licht was specially cute in the whole CD ajshdg first with the pigeons in the first track, and then his dream of being a detective with his animal companions ahah he really likes neko-san ♥ ♥  so adorbs  ♥ ♥ ♥ The Lawless in me(??) was starting to get jealous from all the attention Lichtan was giving to Kuro haha. But I think it was cute when Kuro was rubbing againts Hyde in ther animal forms x/D

I also LOVED Kakihara Tesuya’s debut as Mikuni~~ Kakki’s voice is so precious *m* He was particularly dork tho www He cried a lot because of missing Abel-chan x’D I kind of like that he’s not good at dealing with Tetsu, it’s hilarious :p Also, because Misono tries to stand up for Tesu, even though he’s super tsundere.
By the way………………………………………. I don’t care what anyone says, Misono and Tetsu had a date…….. THEY.HAD.A.DATE. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  ‘course Lily and Hugh were there, but still a date ww

Ah, I split the post so it wouldn’t end up too long ahah, I’ll be uploading the rest right afterward :pp