wwa: south america

i know a lot of you don’t give a fuck about latinos issues, but venezuela may or may not be entering in a TOTAL dictatorship tomorrow, and i’m so fucking angry, i’m so sad…i’m not venezuelan i’m argentinian and i’m so angry because we can’t do shit to help our venezuelan friends we can do nothing to help the people from venezuela we can just PRAY that everything will okay and venezuela can kick maduro’s ass out of their country, so CAN YOU [THE REST OF THE WORLD] JUST HELP US, LATINOAMERICA, PRAYING FOR VENEZUELA??? please, i’m losing my shit out here because i don’t have not a single way to contact my venezuelan friend and i’m fucking worried. sorry for swearing i’m really freaking out


The Peruvian army was among the very few Latin American armies to adopt a french military doctrine during the pre-WW2 years, rather than the widespread Prussian/German doctrine seen all over the subcontinent, and as such, they were also one of the few to adopt the French M26 Adrian helmet, alongside some Yugoslavian copies.

The ubiquitous German Mauser G98 bolt-action rifle, however, was adopted like in the rest of the region.