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Press release from the Working Peoples Alliance, Georgetown, Guyana, announcing the assassination of historian-activist Walter Rodney, 1980. Rodney (b. 1942) was the author of ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ (1972) and was an influential figure in the socialist and Pan-African movements of the 1970s.


“Programa Nacional de Población” was a genocide program conducted in Peru in the early 1990s to reduce population growth as a way of meeting international demographic standards.

The victims had been part of Fujimori’s Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program, a campaign to ostensibly fight poverty that the former Peruvian president had originally unveiled in 1995 at the International Women’s Conference in Beijing

About 300,000 women and 22,000 men were sterilized without informed consent during Alberto Fujimori’s second term in office from 1996 to 2000. According to the film’s producers, 18 women died due to complications.

Most of those affected were from indigenous communities and in poverty. Many were deceived and forced, or were not given enough information to decide whether they wanted to or not to be sterilized.

In the begining, the proyect was voluntary. But many womens said no, they doesn’t like the project. They wanted be mothers, they wanted have childrens. It was her choice. But no… they were silenced. 

Since then, many have become activists, campaigning for acknowledgement, apology and compensation.  But from remote regions with no access to the internet, in many cases illiterate or able only to speak the Quechua language, they have struggled to make themselves heard by those in power.  Legal cases have been shelved several times and, as yet, there has been no reparation for the sterilisations.