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Magda Portal (1900-1989) was a Peruvian poet, recognized as part of the literary vanguard not only of her native country, but of Latin America in general. She was also a feminist and political activist.

She was one of the founders of APRA, the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance. She was exiled and even imprisoned for her political beliefs during the regime of Augusto Leguía. She served as the National Secretary of Women’s Affairs, and continued to fight for improved women’s rights in Peru.

What is going on in Paraguay?

Reelection is trying to be made legal here in Paraguay, and while the idea of reelection isn’t a bad thing per se (not like we have people we want to reelect) this amend is not legal. We had 35 years of dictatorship that ended in 1989 so people don’t want to hear a thing about reelection.

The constitution says there’s only one way to modify anything stated in certain articles, one of them that states that reelection is not legal, and that is an Asamblea Nacional Constituyente (National Constituent Assembly). Senators reunited and proposed an amend for reelection… which is not the way of doing things.

People took the Congress (there was a fire reported inside too) and protesters have been repressed by the police. I’m worried about how this will end. Please keep Paraguay in your thoughts and or prayers for just a moment.


Latin Witches: Brujos

Latin American countries have always been full of superstitions, magic traditions, and occult and religious societies: from Santería to Palo Mayombe, El Culto a la Santa Muerte, and even remains of Native Shamanism. Latin witches, also called “Brujos”, are famous for their abilities to heal, hex and fortune-telling. They usually work with christian (or Christianized) deities, spirits and prayers. They also see the future in cowrie shells and know how to party and dance like no other witches in the world.