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Salt storm in the DMV.

So I’ve been talking to Jason for a little over a week and we seemed to really hit it off. Then we went out for drinks and desserts the other night. I actually uploaded a pic of the desserts.

Everything seemed really swell and he wanted to see me again later tonight for wine at his place. I start talking about the details of an arrangement. He seemed fine at first with all the details until I got to the allowance part. He’d said a few days ago that he was fine negotiating an allowance but then today he totally flipped. He started asking like “You want me to PAY to hang out with you?” and was not happy when I said I wasn’t comfortable coming to his place just yet. “I don’t want an expectation of an allowance for a platonic relationship” “you want money without the promise of sex” and said I should want to be with him without an allowance. “Why would some guy pay you just to buy you dinner? That’s just stupid.”

He proceeded to tell me it was a shame that I was so greedy and that I really screwed up and that I really fucked up. He started insulting me even though I stayed polite the entire time and even politely asked him to stop texting me because he was upsetting me.

This is all without even stating any price or number, just the idea of money being involved.

Basically, I don’t think this guy actually knows what an arrangement is.

I’m actually dehydrated from how salty he is.