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So I was in a public washroom right and I kind of hear someone talking really close to me and so I obviously get scared cause there was literally no one else but then I recognize the voice so I was like Niall???

Turns out it was just my Ipod that had been playing the Where We Are audiobook biography for the past hour

me on my deathbed: what happened between zayn harry and louis what went down that made them all so mad at each other the zouis fall out seems understandable but why were louis and zayn so close up until the moment zayn left and why were harry and zayn so distant even though they were all over each other in 2013 during tmh tour why did that stop seemingly so suddenly during wwa whilst zayn and louis became closer and harry and louis seemingly became distant and seperate only to rekindle publicly during mitam promo season where they could both share their very apparent dislike towards zayn, also was this awkward for liam who appeared to still be close to zayn whilst harbouring a friendship with louis and an obvious closeness toward harry. was niall okay

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Hello! I saw your last ask and was wondering if there were tags or masterposts like that for liam? Cause I've seen more of zayn fonding over liam than the other way around. Could you link a few if its not too much to ask? Thank you ❤

I SURE CAN! Here are some great ones:

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Liam Payne’s love for Zayn Malik

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A thirsty Liam Payne is a deadly Liam Payne

Masterpost of Ziam during WWA SA (Liam was fonding at capacity.)

Ziam Tunnel Vision (a mix of both, but lots of Liam fond.)

Here’s some Jealous Liam: x / x


This one because it makes me laugh



And since I linked their tags in my last post, deffo check out twistericecream’s ‘the fond is real’ tag, and that-regular-chick’s ‘Liam loves Zayn’ tag!

Enjoy! xxx