wwa peru

In the one year anniversary since the boys came to Peru, i decided to share this video of one of the most amazing and breathtaking moments in my life. When Liam decided to greet us outside the balcony. ( be careful with the volume)
Liam Payne 26.04.14 // Lima, Peru
(Steal my video and ill hunt you down :) )


Harry and Louis singing the first part of Little Black Dress together 4/27/14

One Direction in Lima masterpost

The tweets:

someone gave Zayn this, she was so lucky

The boys:

Liam is so sweet, he was even the first to greet the fans from the balcony

there were cameras and sound/film equipment

new movie coming out later?

he’s trying to kill us

he’s so cute

then later all of the boys went to the balcony to greet the fans

The fans:

there were really many fans outside the hotel (Westin) I couldn’t go though

then the cameras came down and filmed the fans

The stadium:

this is the stadium they are performing at tomorrow, it’s gonna be a big concert

not my photos credit to owners