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Concert report Düsseldorf yayy

Okay so I’ll divide this into sections so if you’re not interested in something you can just skip it (:


When we arrived at the Esprit Arena there were lots of girls just running from one end of the building to the other because the security guys sent us in opposite directions all the time and we had to ask 6 people until someone finally told us the right way.
I was really pissed off when we got into our section though because when I bought the tickets they had a picture where the stage would be and which zones would be where but we were nowhere near the stage. We managed to get to the front of the orange zone but when the boys weren’t on the catwalk we could only see them on the screens which was really disappointing. My cousin made me record every single song but the videos are really shitty because people behind us were pushing throughout the whole concert. /:
Pretty much everyone was being really nice to each other, taller girls let smaller ones stand in front of them so they could see the stage and during the music videos (which except for the ones of 5SOS and Little Mix everyone was really annoyed by) the fans on the seats were screaming and waving/holding up hearts for the fans on the ground and the ones on the ground would do it back (x). Also everyone was doing the Macarena before the boys came on stage (x).
The security guys were handing out a few bottles of water, but NOWHERE near enough, there were lots of girls who had to be taken out. There was also one mum whose daughter had a panic attack in a different zone but the security was so rude to her and wouldn’t let her to her daughter or just help her out of the crowd and sent her all the way back through the fans instead. They even refused to speak English to her but made us translate that they couldn’t find her daughter and couldn’t do anything.
I was really surprised by the number of boys (I write boys but I actually mean guys my age) in the audience and there were even a lot of cars leaving without any girls in them, so they weren’t just there to pick up their girlfriends or sisters.


There was A LOT of advertising done for the new album before they came on and people were starting to wonder what they would actually play live because most of their songs were already shown with the videos before.
Everyone was singing along to SLSP and during Amnesia everyone was making hearts with their hands (x) and (I think?) Calum said it was cute.


My cousin is a bit of a social butterfly and talked to literally every girl behind, in front of or next to us and the outright majority of them were Harry- or Niall-girls. Most of the shirts were about those two or OT5. BUT when the safety instructions came on people were almost exclusively screaming for Louis, it was absolutely beautiful.


Okay so Harry is my favourite person in the whole world but DAMN Louis is so much more beautiful when you actually see him live (not that he ever isn’t, it’s just so much MORE), he’s absolutely stunning. So now I get why you’re all so obsessed with him :b (about 90% of the people I follow have Louis-centred blogs).
People were screaming when they were doing their power couple strut but I think it was more because it was the first time they were coming to the front than actually because of H/L.
I saw 3 or 4 girls with LS shirts (‘I ship bullshit’, 'Harry + Louis = <3’ and one had the couple tattoos drawn on her shirt) but when my cousin tried talking to other girls around us about it they just dismissed it and went back to discussing who of them would be the future Mrs. Styles.


All the boys were joking around and laughing with each other lots of times. Liam was in a REALLY good mood, very chatty and greeting us in German (x). Niall and Louis were interacting a lot. Harry was his usual adorable self and I had the feeling that Louis was in a really good mood as well (and he looked SO on point, damn). Except maybe for Zayn (but tbh I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to him) everyone had cute moments with the fans, Harry of course going the extra mile as usual, making the crowd sing stuff, telling the fans they were beautiful (x) and saying I love Germany in German (x). Idk I just got the feeling they really enjoyed the show.

Well I guess that’s it, I didn’t have time to go through all my videos yet but if you want to gif anything from the ones I linked here (not that there’s much to gif - anyway) feel free, just tag me in the post or something so that I can reblog them (: