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Ok so that gif set being reblogged of Harry noticing a fan holding up a sign about Harry's hair w/ Taylor Swift pic in the corner, is it just me or is Harry making a hand gesture like he's scratching his beard? I dunno it sure looks like it but either way its funny to think about LMAO.

You’re talking about this, yes?

That could most definitely be taken as a beard innuendo. WILD

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Did u see Liam's face throughout the whole exchange tho?? HAHAHA! And the way Harry looked at Liam right at the end of the clip like "sorry not sorry"??? OMG

When stuff like this happens you need to watch it at least 10 times. 8 times for Harry and Louis and then twice more for the people around them. LIAM’S FACE I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING

So Liam sees Louis going back and forth trying to pick a side to go on

He’s still singing. While looking stressed and confused

Then he just. ??????? And he kind of actually stops singing for a minute


Harry and Louis constantly making Liam’s life difficult