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“Painting, Oil on Canvas; by James Turnbull; 1945; Framed Dimensions 27H X 37W

This Japanese air strip was put out of action by carrier aircraft several days before the landing in Lingayen Gulf, January 9, 1944. Piper Cub planes used for observation purposes landed on this strip shortly after our troops hit shore. Immediate repair made possible the landing of some fighter aircraft and in a matter of a few days the strip was covered with a metal runway, and P- 38’s, night fighters, PBY’s and C47’s were making this one of the most crowded air strips in the world. A road goes past one end of the strip from the beach and supplies were carried over it by “Ducks” (in left foreground) and other vehicles. The MP keeps traffic moving. ”

(NHHC: 88-159-KF)

The crew of the American tank “Sherman” M4A3E2 (Sherman Jumbo M4A3E2), company C, 37th tank battalion, 4th armored division (4th Armored Division), 26 December 1944, first entered the city of Bastogne, initiating the release of American troops surrounded in the city. The machine had the name “Cobra King”. The crew: the tank commander Lieutenant Charles Boggess (Lt. Charles Boggess), corporal Milton Dickerman (Cpl Milton Dickerman) and member: James J. Murphy (Pvt Murphy James G.), Hubert S. Smith (Pvt Hubert S. Smith) and Harold Hefner (Pvt Harold Hafner).

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Original caption: “World’s Fair Buses Help Speed War Effort. Sightseeing tractor trailers which were used to haul rubberneck parties around the New York World’s Fair grounds are now being used in the grounds of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company to speed the war effort by getting key men around the yard in double quick time. Shipyards of a necessity are cluttered up with much material, and numerous passageways would not afford a regular size bus neither overhead or side clearance. However, the ‘Shanghai Express’ as they have been nicknamed, easily negotiate all of the twisting or difficult portions of their routes. Here men are shown getting off one of the ‘Shanghais’ at a regular stop.” April 26, 1942