Ur mcm is dumb as shit and is still susceptible to WW2 Nazi propaganda because he thinks the Wehrmacht was some invincible fighting force who mysteriously lost the war in the end

Random Celestial Navigation Easter eggs that I had fun with:

All of the Neil Degrasse Tyson quotes that float up on Tony’s computer screen are actually relevant to whatever it is he is dealing with, not random.  Tony actually does need to listen to Neil!  As do we all. 

In the chapter with the visit to the parents, there is a mention of Howard and Obie visiting The 800 Club in Vegas…in the Greek numeric system, the Omega symbol has a value of 800, so…yeah.  Ew, right?  

The story of The Little Prince features in Tony’s narrative.  In that book, a pilot crashes in the desert and meets a young prince who has fallen from an asteroid. The pilot originally wanted to be an artist, but was discouraged from this by adults who didn’t understand his potential.  The author of The Little Prince was a WW2 pilot in France.  Parallels, did you say????

I mentioned it in the end notes, but the Army is actually working on adaptive armor under its TALOS program, which is described as developing “Iron Man armor,” so there you go. 

In the fic, Frank Capra is mentioned as having done Captain America films during WW2.  Capra did actually make WW2 propaganda films.

The Iron Man that Steve recalls from B movies of his childhood was a real thing.  I liked the whole idea of these random bits, Maria from Metropolis, the power loader from Aliens, the adaptive armor, etc. sort of leading into Tony building the armor.  Like, the armor idea didn’t just pop up out of nowhere.  There was a basis for it in what Tony had already been doing and been exposed to. 

Watership Down also features in the fic, and it, too, was written by a WW2 soldier.  It has been criticized for sort of treating the female rabbits as prizes to be won without giving them any agency, even as it comments on leadership and war, which I thought made it a great way to contrast Steve and Tony’s perspectives.  There is also some interesting scholarship on the Metropolis movie from a feminist perspective about the dual Marias (the real Maria, who gets her man and is “saved,” and the robot Maria, who turns out to be less controllable than they thought and they end up burning at the stake).  Kind of a neat parallel to Tony and his mom, I thought.