ww2 boots

These are my German ww2 jack boots. After 7 years wear I couldn’t resist doin’ an engineer boot thing and adding these straps and buckles. I know the starburst stud/washer detail’s a bit rodeo but hey….ride em’ cowboy. These things are unbustable and are takin’ forever to wear in. Gettin’ there though.  They come up regular on ebay and sometimes snippable at around 25 schnepps. Treat yo’ self.

Late on the afternoon of April 27th, 1941, Erich Topp in U-522 found a big target at about 17 degrees west longitude (near Iceland): the 10,100 ton British freighter Beacon Grange, sailing alone.

Topp attacked submerged, firing all four bow tubes (which seems like overkill). The crew broadcast the submarine alarm SSS, then took to the lifeboats. The corvette Gladiolus rescued 41 of the crew two days later.