Members of the Nordland Division photographed at Narva in the spring of 1944. The officers from left are Swedish volunteers SS-Untersturmführer Carl Svensson (foreground) and SS-Untersturmführer Gösta Borg (left rear), both graduates from SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz, and both were war correspondents by the time this image was taken. #war #history #vintage #retro #guns #gun #ww2 #40s #tank #tanks #1940s #military #battle #warrior #warriors #combat #campaign #battles #wwii #worldwartwo

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Photo by Fabio Berg

Foto scattate con una macchina fotografica Zeiss Ikonta 6x4.5 del 1937

Nel consueto raduno d'inverno Gruppo Feldgrau ha presenziato nella ottocentesca fortezza Austroungarica di Forte Ardietti, con lo scopo di ricostruire sia la vita di caserma del soldato dell'epoca che i combattimenti a cui poteva essere sottoposto.

Le seguenti foto mostrate non hanno alcune fine politico ne di esaltazione razziale

Feldgrau Gruppe attended the usual winter convention in the Austro-Hungarian fortress “Forte Ardietti”, which dates back to the XIX century. The aim was to recreate both the barracks life and the combats which could involve a WWII soldier.
The following pictures shown are not for political purposes and are not exalted racial

Nutella was invented because of WWII. Due to chocolate shortages at the time, confectioner Pietro Ferrero created a more affordable treat: a spread made with a little bit of chocolate and a lot of hazelnuts. Today, over 800 million lbs are sold annually, which consumes 25% of the global hazelnut crop. Source Source 2 Source 3

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Scenes From D-Day, Then and Now

On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers descended on the beaches of Normandy for D-Day, an operation that turned the tide of the Second World War against the Nazis, marking the beginning of the end of the conflict. Reuters photographer Chris Helgren compiled archive pictures taken during the invasion and went back to the same places to photograph them as they appear today.