A collection of some of my Wind Waker selfies so far. I shouldn’t be allowed to have a pictograph…


These were my cosplays during Otakon 2016 (minus Toast the Knowing on Thursday)

Medli - Friday AM
Jaune Arc - Friday Afternoon
Lisa Lisa - Friday Night
Pyrrha Nikos - Saturday AM + Sunday
Chat Noir (prom au) - Saturday PM

If you took any pictures of me then feel free to tag/message me!!! It was such a fun con and I’ll try and upload some pics from my photoshoots ❤️❤️


So, they decided to celebrate my birthday tonight instead of Monday, which is what I expected. Eileen, the instructor and my friend, got me a new yoga shirt, which I had to put on, that says YOGA, I’M DOWN, DOG. It’s very cute. And one of the other girls gave me that WonderWoman headband, which she got at http://hippierunner.com/

I wore BOTH my Polar and my FITBIT in class, so I looked like a dork, probably, but whatever. One thing I noticed is, when I’m working HARD, the fitbit has a lower heartrate than the Polar, by 20-30 points!   I mean, it was WAY OFF.  In the end, tho, the number of calories it’s showing is about right, so … I guess I won’t worry about it too much. 

I tried sliding it up my arm a bit further to make it tighter and get it further away from my wrist, but I didn’t think of that until the hard parts where nearly over. I’ll try that sooner next class and see what happens, if that make it more accurate.

And I’m still a bit annoyed that it only gave me credit for 52 minutes out of the 62 for ‘ACTIVE’, despite being ‘in zones’ the whole time.  That’s really rather annoying, honestly. 

OH! I ALMOST FORGOT THE BEST PART! Eileen did two KILLER songs which she knew were my favorites. The last time we did these was MONTHS ago! One was upper torso the other lower body/glutes & quads. I’m using 10 pound weights now instead of the 8s I was using back when we did these before. I GOT THROUGH BOTH ROUTINES WITHOUT STOPPING! I thought i might die, but I didn’t stop!  STRONGER!! TOTAL PROOF THAT I AM STRONGER! WHOOO!

Aoi Shouta Blog 2015/01/18 - Nagoya ☆ Osaka ☆ Fukui!

I’m back, Tokyo(≧∇≦)

Now then, starting from yesterday
were release events for my third single,「Himitsu no Kuchidzuke」

Animate Nagoya Store
Animate Nipponbashi Store
Animate Fukui Store

are where I appeared~!

First were Nagoya and Osaka!
I went there last time for the last release event but, it really is welcoming there.
I was really moved…!

I could feel the staff-san’s love, and the love of the people who came this time which moved me completely.

Riding the train, while eating breakfast on the way to Nagoya!
Nagoya was where I was closest to the fans! Geez, they were right before my eyes! And, talked about things like tenmusu and ankake pasta(≧∇≦) On the train I was able to eat my favorite tenmusu!
It was delicious~! And then at Osaka was, ebiyaki!!
Since it’s not takoyaki, it’s the first time I knew and ate ebiyaki! I got confused 笑.
Shrimp-san… I was as confused as the time I went to the wrong room!!!!!
That’s how I felt 笑. but it was easy to eat and delicious! And then the singing outfit was like this!

I tried out something more rock-like!
How is it? Everyone also said it was really good~!!! and when I heard that I was relieved~(≧∇≦) And Fukui!
My hometown where I haven’t been to in a while.
I finally came back…
I was really happy to meet fans from my hometown! And, there were even a lot of people who came from places far from Fukui. I can’t express my thankfulness in one word.
I wasn’t able to sing at Fukui but, one day I’d like to sing at Fukui! Just wait okay! The outfit for the meeting at Fukui was like this!

Your songs are wonderful.
I love your voice.
Thank you for everything.
I’m cheering for you.

Those words that everyone said to me pushed me on and, I was really saved by them.

From now on as well, we’ll help each other out,
and go on to create magic.

Nagoya, Osaka, Fukui!
Thanks a lot~!!!!!! 

  • 笑 = haha / lol.
  • tenmusu = basically sushi with tempura.
  • ankake pasta / spaghetti = spaghetti + thick / sticky tomato sauce. 
  • ebiyaki = can mean fried / grilled shrimp. Here he’s probably referring to fried shrimp balls. In other words, takoyaki but with shirmp instead.