Wind Waker Final Boss Battle

I know that some people have a problem with the way Ganondorf smacks down Link’s sword and backhands Tetra’s bow away from her during the final boss battle of Wind Waker, but listen.

Anyone who’s ever been around children knows that, if you’re not careful, they will literally kill themselves. Every time a friend brings their offspring over to visit I have to child-proof my apartment so that no one eats a flash drive or a plastic bag or something. The way kids can turn seemingly innocuous objects like chopsticks and drinking straws into weapons of mass destruction is terrifying.

I can just imagine Link climbing to the top of the tower at the end of Wind Waker and Ganondorf being all like, “My country lay in a vast desert… IS THAT A SWORD. WHO GAVE THAT TO YOU.” Then Tetra shoots him in the butt with one of her arrows, and he’s like, “YOU PUT THOSE DOWN BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.”

So Ganondorf is holding Link by his arm, and he’s got his foot on Tetra, and both of the kids are squirming around, totally hopped up on excitement and sugar (or whatever recovery hearts are made of), and he turns to Daphnes and is like, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.”  

The moral of this story is never get old, because if you do you’ll start to identify with video game villains.


These were my cosplays during Otakon 2016 (minus Toast the Knowing on Thursday)

Medli - Friday AM
Jaune Arc - Friday Afternoon
Lisa Lisa - Friday Night
Pyrrha Nikos - Saturday AM + Sunday
Chat Noir (prom au) - Saturday PM

If you took any pictures of me then feel free to tag/message me!!! It was such a fun con and I’ll try and upload some pics from my photoshoots ❤️❤️


A collection of some of my Wind Waker selfies so far. I shouldn’t be allowed to have a pictograph…