ww zelink

So today my brother and I were talking about LoZ and he told me that Spirit Tracks Zelda was descended from Tetra, and then he went on to say that it was “pretty much canon that Link and Tetra-” and then he tapped his fingers together to indicate that they got married and I just-

My brother is not a shipper in the slightest; he’s very intellectual and logical and he validated my OTP and I’m just trying to keep it together.


Wind Waker ZeLink - The adorable couple. Because they’re children.

Twilight ZeLink - The sexy couple. Because they’re serious and beautiful.

Skyward Sword Zelink - The perfect couple. Because they are childhood friends and have been together forever.

anonymous asked:

1. You can write as many first time fics as you damn well please bc you're the author (and I will read every one bc they're great). 2. Branching out to different Zelinks is also your choice (but now I'm curious about your thoughts on other incarnations please feel free to talk about this ANY TIME 👌)

1. this appears to be the general consensus and i am delighted that y’all are so thirsty for more first time stuff so i will not hold back if inspiration strikes

2. i am not as familiar with other zelinks as i am with botw so i am a little reluctant to write a full fic in the worry that i may not do them justice? but i will also keep this in mind. in the meantime have some headcanons:

  • all Links are experts at cunnilingus. i have said this before. i will say it again. i will say it on my deathbed. it is not negotiable
  • ss zelink are the Purest Zelink. they make love so pure that the gods themselves weep. every time is sweeter and more romantic than the last. Zelda always initiates, and their first few times were awkward and halting because of Link’s very real fear of the gods possibly smiting him for it. their favourite time to have sex is early morning and Link always falls asleep again afterwards
  • oot zelink are the king and queen of angst. they have sex for the first time on Zelda’s eighteenth birthday after getting a lil tipsy on mulled wine. Zelda says it can never happen again. they stay friends. years of mutual pining and sexual tension ensue. Link becomes a general in the Hyrule army. they embark on a secret affair once they’re in their 20s and the sex is beautiful and angsty. they love each other deeply but end up marrying other people because i love Pain and Suffering
  • (aged up obvi) ww zelink/telink lose their v-cards together almost accidentally. they were just making out and fooling around with some heavy petting and then Zelda was like hey maybe we should take off our clothes? and Link was like ok!!! and then it just happened. they make fun of each others sex noises a lot. Zelda becomes the queen of bondage. these two have the happiest and most stress-free relationship imo
  • tp zelink are the Slow Burn zelink. after the events of tp they just sort of become pen pals and gradually fall head over heels the fuck in love. Zelda grants Link lands and livestock to elevate his status so he’s allowed to court her formally and they eventually get married. these two arguably have the hottest sex of all the zelinks. Zelda has a filthy mouth. Link’s favourite position is obviously doggy style
  • i have so many conflicting botw headcanons that this is going to need its own post. but most importantly: link likes being choked and dominated and he is a fantastic lay. ok. fuck
  • i’m including hw zelink because they are Very Pretty. Zelda has more experience than Link and generally takes charge every time they get intimate. he eventually learns enough that he can hold his own but the second she gets bored she just flips them and rides him. they are firm believers in sex for stress relief. Link also watches her bathe a lot