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Day 03: Pining // Pre-Kerberos heislookingatkeith is what I live for (feat. a charisMATTic wingman) 

Juz a little something to relief stress. Well, i did tell my friends not to expect anything serious from this ww.
The characters are from a game called Mystic Messenger.
I told friends they can keep the guys, I will take the cat– (woi
No, I didn’t play the game, but there are so many posts, spoilers and discussion on my timeline I still ended up knowing everyone’s name anyway, juz like Overwatch 😂

I really don’t want to say that I really feel Breath of the Wild is either a bunch of past games mixed together as one, or a new timeline. Like, it screams things from WW, SS, TP, and OoT and like ???????? I can’t get over it. There’s so much of all those eras, that it has to be important? Right??? We saw what looked like a run down TP Castle Town. We saw the Temple of Time. We saw characters from WW. We saw the Goddess Statue from SS. Those HAVE to mean something right?????? Right?!?

Batman vs. Superman Characters
  • Batman: B+ Drinking problem. killmenow kinda vibe. MOMMY ISSUES 1000% I'M ANGRY AND I WORK OUT!! ! Everything is a dream.
  • Superman: A- I love my girlfriend but I love my mom more. My face is made of gum(?)
  • Lex Luthor: B- Me me me me me me me me me. Ice tea in a bucket. Knock knock religion, it's the devil. Ow, my wrist!
  • Lois Lane: B- My smile cures cancer. I have a boyfriend radar! JUSTICE
  • Wonder Woman: A+++ SO COOL. ROLE. MODEL. GOALS. AF. 5EVER. ISTG. I have bg music cued at all times. IT'S GUCCI.

And here are new texts, hope you like! :3
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Let’s see my traditional art x digital art project that involves KNB characters. >WW< (Those are drawn by me obviously!!)