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31 Days Suffering Challenge

Your Favorite Character/OCs Suffering in 31 different ways

1. Physical Illness
2. Dealing with death (of someone else they care about) -> Loss
3. Bandages
4. Isolation – having no one to rely on our have camaraderie with / Being ostracized by others
5. Missing limb
6. Fear
7. Burning
8. Mental instability (losing their mind)
9. Torture (physical,mental or emotional) / giving themselves up for someone they care about and thinking they can hold on but being unable to
10. Accident
11. Stabbing
12. Having their values flipped - them switching sides or someone they love switching/Betrayal
13. Painful memories
14. Drowning
15. Blindness
16. Supernatural (ghosts/monsters/anything. can be them being hurt physically or emotional issues with someone dead)
17. Amnesia
18. Orphan / War
19. Losing their home/Destruction of something they care about (Destruction)
20. Nightmares
21. Death (their own)
22. Humiliation
23. Having to kill someone they care about
24. Prisoner
25. Fist Fight
26. Freezing
27. Choking
28. Stranded
29. Experiment (being a test subject)
30. Someone they care about getting hurt (not dying)
31. Curse

※ This challenge can be both an art or writing challenge! Or whatever, honestly!

Prompts provided by Zach, Misi and me!


this was supposed to be part of my ize button pins but i didnt like the whole picture bc of the weird color scheme???? then i played with the colors so TADA NEW ICONS 

(if u will use them pls credit! 🌟)

30 Days of Zelda — Day 18

Tingle is a mysterious middle-aged man who thinks he’s “the very reincarnation of a fairy.” His bizarre behavior and unique speech are just little pieces of his vibrant personality. Tingle travels by way of a small hot-air balloon, making maps of the lands below him. Pop his balloon, and Tingle will fall to earth to sell his maps.

Tingle! Tingle! KOOLOO LIMPAH!