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2 Broke Girls follows the misadventures of the roommates Max Black and Caroline Channing, who are both financially poor, and their efforts to start a...

2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 4: And the Godmama Drama
Timeless Season 1 Episode 4 : Party at Castle Varlar


Koei Tecmo has officially announced the content coming in Hyrule Warriors Legends’ last batch of DLC: Including the new fighters Ravio and Yuga from A Link Between Worlds! Ravio’s weapon is listed as a hammer, but the description tells us that he’ll be using a wide variety of weapons from the game. Yuga will use frames and his magic paintbrush to attack.

The DLC also comes with the standard assortment of adventure map, costumes, and My Fairy gear. We don’t know an exact release date right now, but we’ll update as soon as we know for sure.

anonymous asked:

I am trying to get my friend into GMM and Rhett and Link in general but I don't know what episodes to show her. Do u have any suggestions of episodes that are entertaining, but not too weird so I don't scare her off right from the get go xD

I guess Will It’s are a good start for casual watchers, they seem to be a general favorite based on views

And I think some of the challenge videos can be really fun

and then just some personal favorites