There are so many different storylines because ultimately everything is connected. But at first what you’re seeing is all these different characters who could absolutely be the stars of their own show. So it looks like they are completely disconnected and have no effect on each other whatsoever. - Samuel Barnett

jimissi said: Okay i need to scream about something. I want to scream about how kook i jimin don’t have moments on camera very very often, but off camera… it’s completely different story. I want to scream about them being pretty much inseparable. How they orbit around each other.

We’re kind of blessed since KM have a nice mixture of on-stage and off-stage moments.

But I agree, they’re nearly inseparable. Whether they’re at work or on break, fans either keep bumping into them on the streets or notice them spending time together elsewhere. Even in these past few days, there have been a lot of fan accounts of them joking and interacting together during rehearsals.

Some examples (summaries, not exact translations):

^ Jimin tapped Jungkook’s chin before recording.

^ When the vocal line started singing Spring Day and teasing/moving into Jimin, he started laughing and said he wasn’t going to do vlives with Jungkook and Jin anymore (the Fake Maknae Line seem super close these days.).

There’s obviously more (like JK got frustrated with the hyungs not getting into formation, and he got all authoritative and went straight into maknae on top mode. The exact same thing happened with Jimin a couple of months ago, but instead of getting salty with himㅋ JK was all like, “don’t worry about it, I’ll accommodate you.” ..He doesn’t hide his bias, I swear.), but like you said, these moments are much more subtle and not exactly on camera.

I am Damaged Animatic
Who loves seeing emotionally distressed JD *raises hand* This was super fun to make and I hope ya'll enjoy it! Song: I am Damaged from Heathers the Musical

//Hey guys! I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos/animatics and I apologize for not focusing on the blog as much, but I’ll be finishing up asks today and tomorrow and they’ll be reopened soon! :) More details on that later though, for now here’s an “I am Damaged” animatic!

Yuzuru Hanyu appreciating his training partner Javier Fernandez

“When I feel nervous, he (Javier) [is] usually talking about something funny. So, I think I owe what I won to him” (Yuzuru Hanyu 2017)