Quick Tip:
  • When writing, do you find your verb tenses shifting?
  • Read through your paper once over to check for verb errors (Proofreading never hurts!). With all writing, there should be consistency (FOR EXAMPLE: a narrative should have consistent verb tenses, so the story can be followed).
  • If you are writing in the past tense, it should all be in past tense

West Virginia defender extraordinaire Kadeisha Buchanan named espnW player of the year

Center backs rarely get to be stars. The position is responsible as much for defusing highlights before they occur as creating them in their own right. But already a World Cup and Olympic veteran for Canada at the age of 21, Buchanan can’t help but be the center of attention for West Virginia. Her command of a craft stands out like, well, Bolt sprinting away from the pack in Rio. None of her peers do it as well as she does it.