I was re-watching some early Wikiriffs videos last night, and for “WVNY” I turned on YouTube’s audio transcription.  There was some pretty funny stuff.  “Who wants to be a millionaire” turned into “wants to be a marionette."  "WVNY” turned into both “WGN wines” and “Greenspan’s y."  And also it was "based on this article from Wikipedia, zinc in the video description.”

The full transcription:

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seventy one sixty films
the station for government syndication television channel
like the london zoo final few minutes wants to be a marionette
i do and they are paying its name is derived from his duties station beyond
compare expose n_b_c_’s my six-year-old
swapping foods and by el sayyid broadcast quality means you’ve got the
worst of american on my own mind
this musical citizens are still without a system
that’s casualty he watches the game shows are enough
so in the late in those instances on when they’re going to continue with
television set w_b_ etc
from from americans p_h_d_ class maintenance problems
challenge t_v_ movie something’s equally type
is everybody else and raymond’s busiest rooms salazar system even solve every
short terms of things in his boat basin listening and comfortable alphabet at
abcd colour n_b_c_’s consumed
food there but i will see in the broadcast quality means that portion of
americans mind of mine
anesthesia palestinians also led youngsters
casualty and he watches the game’s renowned citizen burnings and someone’s
head on intentionally television set w_b_n_i_ login
annual remaining
one billion its broadest possible ranges speeches for rent
a montreal residence behind the times that because evening french canada i
think you’ll find they collect any stains west seafood
w_g_n_ wines from exam by l c evoke cosmology t_v_ interview dot the
landscape of america
because he’s the author of the results always knows this mail
castles keeping watch his game shows are enough so in the living modems and
someone had gone continue television sets don’t you turn in bonds da
greenspan’s y
dumping t_v_ dinners winds have been dublin painters

accounts so that was the first song hope you enjoyed it
is based on this article from wikipedia zinc in the video description if you
want to redefine roughness of the president’s the video works by the rules
and my mind channel take crusade is such a fuss dies out if you haven’t already

it’s all about it
four months later
and i think that’s quick