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The present U.S. administration wants you to be overwhelmed.  They want you to burn out.  They want to swamp you with bad news so that you don’t know where to turn or how to fight back, or whether you have the energy to be effective.

A suggestion: for every piece of bad news you reblog, reblog something about resistance.  Reblog something about how people are building something, in direct contrast to those who are trying to tear us down.  Reblog something that lifts your spirits and reminds you why we fight.

Do not do their work for them.  Consciously choose to reblog light as well as the important news of what the administration is up to. 

They do not get to make us despair.

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I am a 14 year old girl in a freshmen PE class. Our most recent unit is self defense, so they have separated the boys from the girls for an 8 week period. We have been learning how to get out of various choke holds, how to palm strike, kick, and stay alive. Obviously, the PE administration has been doing this unit for 15 years to help us girls protect ourselves if we were to ever get into a situation that would require self defense. Because of this unit, we have been listening to a lot of presentations about relationship abuse, rape, sexual assault and harassment, etc. They talk about these subjects with the girls so that we can be aware that these things happen and how to avoid them, and they speak to the boys about these things as well, in an attempt to lower the future percentage of women being raped/assaulted/harassed every year. We have specifically been talking about a rape case where the female victim was unconscious because of extreme intoxication, and 2 male football players proceeded to do whatever they wanted to her. In front of dozens of people at a college party. Obviously, this is very upsetting and definitely not okay.

We learned that our teachers have talked to the boys about this case as well, and you’ll never guess the responses they have received. My teacher said that this is the most negative, sexist feedback they have gotten in the 15 years of teaching these concepts. Comments from my classmates included “well it’s her fault for getting drunk”, “she was passed out so it’s not like she’ll remember anything”, “why can’t women just avoid being raped”, “the guys were just having fun”, and “i don’t understand what the problem is”. KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE 15 YEAR OLD BOYS. My poor PE teacher, the only female in the room at the time, was speechless.

Rape is not a joke and nor will it ever be. So, my wonderful people of Tumblr, do NOT tolerate any type of sexist behavior from your brothers, parents, friends, etc. this is NOT okay. Women are PEOPLE NOT OBJECTS. Rape or sexual abuse will NEVER be justifiable. Boys are growing up in a society that teaches that women are just something to use and look at for pleasure. Let me tell you, we are much more than that. Our generation needs to get it together. If it’s too late to save our generation, it’s not too late for our kids.

I do not want to live in a world where being raped is the victim’s fault. I do not want to live in a world where women are objectified and judged based on their sex appeal, body, and looks. Especially now that our President sees women this way, we need to stand up for ourselves more than ever.

Please, let’s make this world right again.

I honestly don’t have many words to say here, or maybe I do, I don’t know.

Rise Up is a fanfic by @damn-man-ham-fam and it has turned out to be one of my favorite fics ever. I was able to become great friends with the author and she has been a very pleasant presence in my life since getting to know her. I talk to Ash every day, even if we don’t have much to say to each other. She has become one of my best friends, and I can say that with confidence. She’s amazing, and her fic was amazing as well. It ended a week or so ago (I have no concept of time anymore) and I’ve been working on this last hurrah since. I actually redrew it in its entirety because I didn’t like the first version. This one I like a lot better.

Please go read Rise Up. It’s so super good and amazing and AH. I couldn’t say more words if I wanted. I can’t articulate my feelings about this fic.