Heart from the Greed Pair!

(≧◡≦) ❤

Fem!Lawless by @petrichor-note~!
Lichtan by me~! 

I`m still so in love with the two!! 
I mean look at this—

my computer wallpaper… Oh screw that, It`s both my wallpapers nao—


Exactly a month ago, at this very hour, I gathered enough courage to speak to the incredible writer to whom I had been reading in secret. She is was lovely, kind and funny to talk with.

She’s the Jungkook of my Jimin, my plum friend and at the same time my mutual.

Exactly a month ago, at this very hour, I gathered enough courage to speak to the incredible @plumblackjeon. I do not regret it at all.

In fact, I could say it was a wonderful decision.

I wuv u!

P.S: You like Jimin’s gifs, right? ♡

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Well, since I haven’t been on top of @missladytale’s page as often as I should, and I’m of course in the holiday spirit, I made this <3

My Christmas gift to you??? I dunno man I tried, but TAKE IT WEH o//

Not only do you take that, but you can take this too:


I mean you don’t have to but I made it for you anyway bc I wuv u :3

Anyway idk what to say anymore except to take my crusty art because I was bored. Happy Holidays I guess :)

|| Melon Sans by missladytale ||

Would You Rather Tag

I was tagged by the amazing @baeseoul  (i wuv u)

- build a snowman with v OR have a snowball fight with j-hope

- get coffee with suga OR get ice cream with suga

- go to the cinema with jimin OR the amusement park with Jungkook

- do a dance cover with j-hope OR sing a duet with jin

- kiss rap monster OR cuddle suga

- babysit with jimin OR dogsit with v

- meet j-hope’s family OR have v meet your family

- film a commercial with j-hope OR film a sketch with v

- hug jimin OR hold hands with jungkook

- go to paris with jin with OR to london with suga

- film a drama with jin OR do a photo shoot with rap monster

- attend an award show with rap monster OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with jungkook

- spend a lazy day with suga OR explore a city with j-hope

- fall asleep next to jimin OR wake up next to jungkook

- make up a silly rap with v OR a silly choreography with jin

- have a fun picnic with j-hope OR a fancy date with jin

- have jungkook serenade you OR have v sing you to sleep

- have a dance party with j-hope OR sing karaoke with suga

- go camping with jimin and v OR go to the beach with rap monster and suga

- cook with jin OR bake a cake with jimin

- have a sleepover with the hyung line OR a birthday party with the maknae line

- celebrate halloween with jungkook, suga, v and j-hope OR christmas with rap monster, jimin and j-hope


Would you rather:

- dom j-hope OR sub jin

- wear lingerie for rap monster OR put lingerie on jimin

- tie up jungkook OR get tied up by v

- pull suga’s hair OR get your hair pulled by rap monster

- have shower sex with jimin OR have pool sex with v

- perform oral on jungkook OR have j-hope go down on you

- have romantic sex with jin OR rough sex with jimin

- have angry sex with v OR make up sex with suga

- suck hickeys onto jungkook’s neck OR get hickeys from v  

- put a blind fold on jimin OR get blind folded by rap monster

- have phone sex with rap monster OR skype sex with j-hope

- ride jimin’s thigh OR ride jungkook’s thigh

- have jin call you “kitten” OR rap monster call you “babygirl”

- wear a collar for jin OR put a collar on jimin

- beg for suga OR make jungkook beg for you

- have sex backstage with j-hope OR in the kitchen with jin

- get teased under the table at a dinner by rap monster OR tease jimin

- play never have i ever with rap monster, suga and jungkook OR strip poker with j-hope, jimin, v and jin

- do body shots with rap monster, suga and jin OR get lap dances from j-hope, jimin, jungkook and v

I tag @sxltandsvga @dabseok @kookingtae @minthusiast <3

Just want to send some smoochies and tell some of my friends (& babu) I really really love them & they make my online life happy anytime I talk to them & thanks to them I keep coming back and getting a smiles, sometimes I want to kill them because why u give me feels but in a healthy way ok. @n-o-i-d, @ambivelousthirteen, @fawking-izaya, @oceanwoven, @rxcusant, @narcasse, @princeofillusions, @memoiir, @blxxdchrxnicles, @aninnocentlight, I WUV U OKAY