hello all my lovelylovely followers, i’m back again for another botm competition !!
** wuuut srsly,, really ??????? ** ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

yes, really !! bc my last one went so well -  ( my first one too ), i decided i’d do another !! thank you so much everyone for participating in my last botm, i had fun choosing the winners and hopefully we can make this one a success too !!


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♡ ends 30th june !!

i’m looking for …

♡ an active blogger who posts cute/pink
♡ a blogger with a cute theme
♡ a blogger who is kind to their followers !!


♡ a follow from me !
♡ promos alllll throughout the month of july
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good luck everyone and happy blogging !!

anonymous asked:

RR, aka random rant, incoming :P I'm rewatching JWorlds 2010, and I get cognitive shock every time I need to hold my breath for the triple axel (guess that's the drawback from getting into FS once Yuzu was already a senior-I get a ton of programs to rewatch, but can't comprehend the possibility of falling on 3A xD). That being said, what's with those second times? First time, ends 12th, second-wins. First senior year: not chosen for the Team, second year-gets a bronze. Wuuut? Jk I love it <3

Then and now.

That said, Yuzuru was really young when he became junior world champion. he was 15, so that explains the 12th place in 2009 xD He was one smol mushroom then :3


Ascent #016 - Dear future-self

This is more or less a remake of episode #000, the very first non-canon episode of Ascent (I think it was called Ascend back then). I just loved the idea of the diver sending a message in a bottle to the surface so I wanted to revisit it.

Also! Some “backstage” information, this font that I’m using to differentiate the diver’s writing from the diver’s thoughts is a font I made back in high school *of my own hand writing*. That means past-Kevin basically wrote this episode to future Kevin! Wuuut! I guess I was dedicated to this comic 8 years before I even knew about it!