hello all my lovelylovely followers, i’m back again for another botm competition !!
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yes, really !! bc my last one went so well -  ( my first one too ), i decided i’d do another !! thank you so much everyone for participating in my last botm, i had fun choosing the winners and hopefully we can make this one a success too !!


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RR, aka random rant, incoming :P I'm rewatching JWorlds 2010, and I get cognitive shock every time I need to hold my breath for the triple axel (guess that's the drawback from getting into FS once Yuzu was already a senior-I get a ton of programs to rewatch, but can't comprehend the possibility of falling on 3A xD). That being said, what's with those second times? First time, ends 12th, second-wins. First senior year: not chosen for the Team, second year-gets a bronze. Wuuut? Jk I love it <3

Then and now.

That said, Yuzuru was really young when he became junior world champion. he was 15, so that explains the 12th place in 2009 xD He was one smol mushroom then :3


Ascent #016 - Dear future-self

This is more or less a remake of episode #000, the very first non-canon episode of Ascent (I think it was called Ascend back then). I just loved the idea of the diver sending a message in a bottle to the surface so I wanted to revisit it.

Also! Some “backstage” information, this font that I’m using to differentiate the diver’s writing from the diver’s thoughts is a font I made back in high school *of my own hand writing*. That means past-Kevin basically wrote this episode to future Kevin! Wuuut! I guess I was dedicated to this comic 8 years before I even knew about it!


A little something for a cool batskates who gives me yummiessss.

(ALSO: To anyone who’s actually interested or follows this dusty tumblr, sorry about the lack of comics and art lately. Work and a Social Life(??? wut wuuut) has got me behind on my own stuff. Hoping to get back into the comixsss again. Oh hohooo boy have I got some stories to tell.)

My Boyfriend’s shirt (Joshua, BMP)

Hey guys! (again >.<) hehe I’m back again with my FIRST EVER FANFICTION….I think….and oh. my. word….17 NOTES FROM MY HEADCANON?!?!?! wuuut??? That’s like, 17 more than I expected! I can’t believe you guys not only read my work but liked it?!?! Wow I’m so touched ^ ^ hehe I love you guys <3.

Aaaaaaannnyywaay, this time’s intro is less short so let’s get to it! *clicks knuckles except not really coz I fail so bad >.<* Enjoy~


It’s one of Joshua’s few days off and you guys decide to go camping to ‘reconnect with nature’. At least, that was his excuse, what you don’t know however is that Joshua just wanted to have a more….intimate date with you on this rare opportunity….except, things didn’t turn out quite how he had silently hoped…

“Why are you here?” Joshua asked with an irritable sigh. “Well what did you expect Your Highness? Did you really think you could get past me this time?” It turned out that your purple haired prince’s stealthy getaway was not as smooth as it usually was, mostly due to his uncontainable excitement for spending 2 whole days with you…it seemed that this time, Jan had finally beaten his highness at his own game. In fact, to Joshua’s dismay, Jan had come along himself and was staying in a cabin right next to the royal couple’s. “Go back. It’s my day off and we want to be alone!” Joshua said fiercely. “Shhh come on Joshua, just let him stay, it’s not like he’ll be in the way. After all, he doesn’t mean any harm” You said in a soothing voice. “But…” Joshua’s gaze softened, he never could win against you. “Fine.” he grumbled “but you must stay out of our way!” Jan bowed, “Of course Your Highness” and just out of earshot, “*whispered* thank you milady” After bobbing your reply, you follow after Joshua, linking arms with him as you walk together to take a stroll through the magnificent forest before you.

~10 hours later~

After a long, blissful day of romantic activity with your love, you finish soaking in the spacious bath and step out to find Joshua already clad in his adorable striped pj’s and you smile as you watch him gently fluff the pillows, feeling your love for him burn through your heart. Joshua, on the other hand was not expecting to see you there when he turned around and immediately flushed a bright red after realising that you had seen everything. “D-Don’t misunderstand! I-I was jus- what are you wearing?!” Seeing you now, you had a very long dress shirt on, it was white, clearly to big for you and definately not yours….but it wasn’t his either so….who’s was it? Joshua felt a jealous rage he had never felt before but you didn’t seem to notice as you looked down at your sleepwear and nonchalantly replied: “Oh this? It’s Jan’s. I forgot my pj’s so he kindly lent me one of his shirts to wear…but it looks more like a dress on me doesn’t it?” You chuckled, completely unaware of you boyfriend’s now pursed lips. “,,,Joshua?” You knew something was up as he walked up to you, trying to keep his posture. “J-Joshua?” All of a sudden, he leaned down and sniffed your shoulder, tickling your cheek with his soft hair. “W-what are you doing?!?!” “You smell like him” He noted. “Huh? W-well I suppose so…I mean, it IS his shirt so…” Stammering, you lifted your arm to smell the sleeve, discovering Jan’s new, musky smell.

“Take it off” Joshua ordered, his eyes somewhat cold and his tone absolute. “W-wha..? Joshua, what are you talking about? If I take it off then I won’t have anything to wear to sleep!” You let out a short laugh at his seemingly absurd demand but then you felt a tug at the buttons and looked down to see that the purple-haired prince himself was hastily unfastening the large shirt covering your skin. “W-wait Joshua! Stop!” After all the buttons were undone, Joshua stalked over to his backpack and produced a shirt of his own. It was a familiar shirt - of course it was, you made it for him yourself. Intricately decorated, the colour of the garment in his had was a bluey-purple, to match his eyes and hair. As he neared you, Joshua stopped, suddenly realising that underneath the current white shirt you were clad in, you wore nothing but a pair of silk, baby blue laced panties. “J-Joshua?” You asked, wondering why he had turned such a sudden crimson colour. Snapping back to reality, he continued on his route toward you “Well? What are you waiting for? Take it off.” You didn’t know why but something about his insistent yet pleading demeanour pushed you to slip the material of your shoulders and fall to the cabin’s wooden floor. Seeing your action, Joshua smiled a small smile, his expression becoming gentle, he covered your bare body now with his shirt, wrapping the soft material over your shoulders and pulling you close, not bothering with the buttons. Pressed against his broad chest, you look up in surprise and notice some very red ears. “J-Joshua?” “Please….please…don’t wear any other guys clothes except mine.You’re MY girlfriend and when I see you wearing someone else’s clothes I-I don’t know..I just get so angry…it’s your fault really” “M-My fault?!” “Yes.” He said as he nuzzled into your neck “Only you can make me feel like this.” “Oh Joshua…” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and stretching to your tiptoes. “Of course.” And with that, you pressed your lips onto his, a small gasp escaping from his lips. As he pulled away, Joshua gave you a mischevious grin. Sighing, he shook his head “Oh dear, whatever are we going to do?” “What?” “You just look so cute, especially considering you’re wearing my shirt….it’s just such a shame…it suits you so much and yet, even though you just put it on, it seems we’ll have to take it straight off again.” Winking sneakily, Joshua lifted you up princess style and carried you over to the plush bed. “J-Joshua?!” Gently, he pushed you down onto the soft, cloud-like mattress and grinned down at you. “It’s going to be a loooong night….”

~ending credit~

The next morning you wake up to see Joshua bending over to retrieve the white shirt that had been stranded on the floor the night before. “Mmmnn Joshua? What are you doing?” you ask, sleep still in your eyes.“ What does it look like? I’m burning the shirt.” his nonchalant answer made snapped you awake. “Wha- WHAT?!?! You’re b-b-burning it?!?!” Shrugging, Joshura replied “Of course. Did you really think I would return a shirt that has touched my girlfriend’s bare breasts? Pfft as if I would ever let Jan get his hands on such a garment!” “b-but Joshua you can’t-” “Shhh…Please, just trust me _____ T-There’s no way I could let him have such a precious piece of clothing” Gently, he crawled over to you and pressed his lips to your forehead. “I love you ____”



Whew! All finished! Hehe actually, I already finished this at some point but my laptop malfunctioned and I lost part of the draft T-T. It’s not quite the same but hopefully its’ just as good so I hope you guys like it ^ ^ Have an amazing morning/day/afternoon/evening (wherever you’re from XD) Stay beautiful guys~