sjf-forever  asked:

I see you got some numbers and i was like: wuuut is this and why haven't i seen that? so we are going girl: 1. (we impractically did), 5., 6. (so going to my place or yours xd?), 7. (definitely not sometimes), 11. (Germany, Poland and then Hungary), 13. I wish I could hug you at least once, 15., 18. nah, (I'm waiting), 20. (a lot) <3

Okey now listen everybody this girl is the cutest human being ever! <3

1. Let’s get to know each other
I am so happy, that I wasn’t shy to write you with my horrible english:D
5. I think you’re attractive
I am not, but that’s cute that you think so:3
6. Let’s have a netflix and pizza night
Come here Kinga, we have some pizza in the freezer, and I don’t have netflix, but be illegal, download Riverdale and fangirling over it all the night xD
7. I think of you sometimes
Yes it’s the same here, and I hate the damn school because we can’t chat in the forenoons.:c
11. Let’s travel somewhere
Yes, thats a good idea but I also wanna go with you to Norway:3
13. I wanna cuddle with you
I wouldn’t let you go
15. your blog is perfect
yours too darling
18. tell me what you think about me
So first, I think you are a really nice and lovable person, and don’t you dare think something else. You make me always smiling with your jokes, and sarcasm. And that’s just so cute how you can be really happy because of little things like I don’t have my first two lessons, or Tande dancing some ballet. 
I like your creative laziness, how you do easily everything but you still have good grades ( okey that’s because you are smart). I also love that you always write me a half book, and I like long messages so much. And you also draw beautiful. Okey thats are just positive things, but i only can write positiv things to you, and you need to be a happier person, because you are beautiful, and I am really lucky to have you as a friend <3 
20. I admire you
I admire you more:3

Thank you so much darling, it means a lot<3