Happy happy birthday blueidiot ❤❤❤ Here, I colored Morgan while waiting for my next class /hit/  thanks again for the parfait and cookies~ I had loads of fun in our “date”!!! I LOVE YOU MAAAAAN (●´艸`)ヾ ((I hope your Philia boys throw you an awesome party in da club hehe))


Basically Fire Emblem Awakening is a dating sim where you choose who gets you laid among an army of hot men and pretty girls, have babies and save the world from an angry jerk, a power hungry lobster and your dad who had very high expectations. Oh, and a dragon.


Haha okay im the worst person to ask this because I’ve only played like two FE games, so have an FE:A explaination instead. Please do play the game. It has a beautiful story and wonderful characters. I’d hate to spoil the game for you. PS. You dont need to know anything about the past FE games to play it.