Happy happy birthday blueidiot ❤❤❤ Here, I colored Morgan while waiting for my next class /hit/  thanks again for the parfait and cookies~ I had loads of fun in our “date”!!! I LOVE YOU MAAAAAN (●´艸`)ヾ ((I hope your Philia boys throw you an awesome party in da club hehe))


I know I already posted these before but I’m still in love with my Neko Nyan case because its the most adorable thing I own in the world. It was my first ever online purchase and TOM made it an awesome first experience! TOM is quick, reliable and their prices are the best I’ve seen!

http://otakumode.com/fb/4Q5 wuuki  #tokyootakumode #win100USD


Basically Fire Emblem Awakening is a dating sim where you choose who gets you laid among an army of hot men and pretty girls, have babies and save the world from an angry jerk, a power hungry lobster and your dad who had very high expectations. Oh, and a dragon.


Haha okay im the worst person to ask this because I’ve only played like two FE games, so have an FE:A explaination instead. Please do play the game. It has a beautiful story and wonderful characters. I’d hate to spoil the game for you. PS. You dont need to know anything about the past FE games to play it.