So everyone's finished reading the new chapter for Aisle 10, right?

cause if not, you’re missing out on an incredible chapter written by an equally incredible person.

Oh yes, my best friend right there.

Chapter dedicated to me and all of our magical adventures and conversations together.

a 35k expression of our love.

You’ll laugh,
you’ll cry,
but mostly you’ll just be jealous that she’s my best friend and not yours.

Mans, this chapter was so wonderful and only someone as talented as you could’ve written it so beautifully

I LOVE YOU (and thank you for finishing this chapter before I came back to America)



When you a wrestling fangirl - Problem #3568578
Me: Now that Finn’s back, I am 100% all Bálor girl! 😍😍😍

Kenny Omega: Excuse me?! You see.. this is where you are wrong.
Marty Scurll: *evil laughs* WRONG! WutWut!
Matt Riddle: tss… Wrong, bro lol
Aleister Black: *creepy stare* …..
BT Gunn: Cheers dude (:
David Starr: *winks*
Adam Cole: *blows kiss*
Alex Gracie: *pulls his trunks down*
Zack Sabre Jr: *just appears*


You’re Okay - Jimmy Darling AHS Imagine

Requested by @112salvatemi : okay than, can you do an imagine with jimmy where he is overprotective on reader and jealous of dandy?💜💜💜

A/N: OVERPROTECTIVE AND INSECURE JIMMY IS MY FAVOURITE WUTWUT! I twisted the story a little so i hope you love this imagine as much as I did when I was writing it! 


You’ve always loved the circus and the acts in them. So there was no doubt that when you met the lovely Jimmy Darling, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. When watching the Freakshow, your eyes were only on him. He noticed you in the crowd and thought “Wow”. He’s been all the places in the world with the crew but no girl has ever given him more attention than you did. After the show, you personally introduced yourself and the two of you started to see each other more often. You even hung around the other crew members, especially with Bette and Dot and Ma Petite .It took him a lot of reassurance and courage to finally ask you to be his girlfriend. You remembered that day like it was yesterday. 

 “Y/N, why do you like hanging around us? Everyone seems to be calling us freaks. They’re starting to think you’re one too and I don’t like it.” he said as you two were hanging outside his trailer. “I’m not the type to run away just because something is different Jimmy. Let them think.” “No. You cant be called a freak. You’re not a freak. Everything about you is perfect. I love you.” you turned your head to look at him, smiling down at his ‘lobsters’ hands. You took his hands, wrapped yourself with them and the two of you just sat there as the sun was setting.

Lately, the troupe has been talking about how Elsa sold Bette and Dot to some dude named Dandy. “That two faced twat!” Jimmy was hell bent on getting the girls back, which meant that he was headed to Dandy’s mansion. “I’m going in there and taking the girls back, even if it means bashing him up!” he angrily let out. “That wont be necessary.” Both of you turned to Dandy entering the circus tent with Bette and Dot behind him. “You see, I’m here to return these girls.Now dont get me wrong, I find you freaks extremely entertaining. But my eye has caught something far more better. I want her, with me.” he continued, pointing his finger at you. Your eyes widened and you hurriedly stood behind Jimmy. “Really sweetheart, you want to hang around with him? I can give you more things than he can.” Jimmy lunged his hands out to punch him causing Dandy to stumble a little. When he got back up, you saw that his nose was bleeding. “You keep your filthy hands away from her or I’ll kill you.” Dandy just smirked and left, not without turning back to say “I may have filthy hands, but at least they’re normal.” You ran to Jimmy and hugged him. That’s when you heard him sobbing. “Jimmy?” you asked. “What if he’s right Y/N? He can give you everything that I cant. And my hands-” you pulled away abruptly and stared at him. “Your hands are fine. A petty threat like that is not going to make run to him. I love you. All of you.“ you said making sure he knew you were talking about his hands. He smiled at you, showing his dimples that you love. Jimmy Darling was everything. He was the Lobster Boy to the audience. He was freak to the people who are afraid of him or are disgusted by him. But to you, he’s nothing but an insecure human being whom you love very much.

Maybe I’m not a good blogger that’s why..

i. It’s hard for me to blog what I really feel.
ii. They ignore me.
iii. They unfollow me.
iv. They are not approaching me.
v. They will just follow me back if I ask them to do so.
vi. They won’t visit my blog.
vii. No one likes my posts.
viii. I usually reblog other posts.
ix. They answer my ask privately.
x. No one wants to be my friend.

—  10 things what I feel.