Lexi and I had to bring a 7 year old in to victoria’s secret today we told her it was a big girls store and that they’re trying to sell underwear so that is why there are pictures of women without clothes on and the whole time she looked traumatized until i let her raid the perfume samples so basically she came out scarred for life, but smelling delicious.

#thelatest but happy father’s day to the realest, most supportive & inspiring dad out there. he’s always supported me in all that I do and when it came to going greek, he showed me the most support when I thought I didn’t have any and he constantly kept motivating me through it all. he honestly makes such a big impact in my life even if I don’t see or speak to him everyday & I appreciate that. I love you daddy! & yes he’s in alpha phi omega lol #wutsgood #gotitfrommydaddy #kinda #lol #aphio #akomicron #og #greeklife #boughthimthoseshirts #hesentmepics #ofhimwearingit #lol