Art and fanfic trades

I am very much open for a few art or fanfic trades for any of these:

• Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
• Wuthering Heights
• Star Wars - Aftermath book series

For the first two: I enjoy literally ALL of the characters, so for your half of the trade I think it’d be quite easy to arrange a topic you’d enjoy making.

(For Aftermath, I am actually most fond of the villains and would love to get that, but I can make something for you about any of the characters.)

I will try my best to make something fresh and neat and enjoyable for you, so don’t be shy and do come say hi to me. (We can also arrange a later trade if you are busy right now.)

Feel free to spread this around if you know any folks from these smallish fandoms! Thank you!

A Handy Guide to Pretty Much Every Period Movie Ever:
-If a man and woman’s hands touch, they are as good as married.
-If anyone coughs, they will die before the movie is over.
-The main female character will fall for the arrogant dude with sideburns.
-If the sun starts to rise/set between two people’s faces, they are about to kiss.