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list 10 songs you’re currently into and tag people to do the same

  1. wuthering heights - kate bush
  2. FM - nathan haines ft. damon albarn
  3. woman - harry styles
  4. poems - hippo campus
  5. here - pavement
  6. peach - blur
  7. i want you now - depeche mode
  8. wuthering heights - kate bush
  9. wuthering heights - kate bush
  10. wuthering heights - kate bush

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Explaining some of my favourite books badly

Raven Cycle: A bunch of teenagers repeatedly accidentally stumble upon bizarre magic in rural Virginia.

The Hexslinger Series: A Pinkerton agent meets gay cowboy wizards and it’s all downhill from there.

Watership Down: Bunnies are waaaayyyy more complicated than you think.

Jane Eyre: Strong independent woman routinely gets fucked over by rich people, broody men, and life.

Wuthering Heights: Everyone is horrible.

Frankenstein: What part of this was a good idea?!

Dracula: Vampires are sexy.

Captive Prince: Royal gay smut.

Carry On: Canon drarry fanfiction.

Warm Bodies: Zombie Romeo and Juliet with a surprising amount of philosophy.

The Iliad: Gods play god.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Children kill gods.


My favourite thing is when people read classic romances for the first time and realise how different they are to the way popular culture represents them. Mr. Darcy isn’t some handsome, perfect hunk. He’s a socially awkward loser who writes embarrassingly long, eloquent letters to the girl he likes because he can’t speak two words to her face without colossally fucking up. Mr. Rochester is a creepy bigamous liar who keeps women in his attic. Heathcliff’s a terrifying fucking psychopath who abuses kids. JULIET WAS THIRTEEN.