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What is wrong with these NCT/Mark’s fans that are calling Swings fat and saying stuff like 'All that fat in your ears probably hindered you from hearing Mark’s rhyme’ and calling him round-face just because he gave him an advice and told Mark he should make more rhymes WHICH IT’S TRUE? Mark’s not the only person that got criticized on the show for his rap but you don’t care because they’re not Mark Lee. Swings has been in the rap industry for 9 years and owns a record label and y’all tryna act like he doesn’t know shit about his job and he was being a meanY ass to mark because he’s an idol like ???wut?? and you guys do know that the boy will have to do some diss battle in order to stay in the show and people will fOR SURE go against him and say really bad fcked up things? i’m pretty sure mark didn’t got offended by Swings words, he’s putting himself up there he knows hes going to get criticism from time to time, and you guys are only making it worse. I wonder if they could actually kick Mark out of the program because of all these offensive comments about one of the mentors. Mark ain’t perfect with his rapping skills atm, he’s gonna learn from it and eventually become a real good ass rapper (the first one from SM lol) so like CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone take my tablet away from me.

There was a post floating around, idk where it went, that had The Rock as Marik and I died, so I did this. Big Samoan spandex wearing wrestler Dwayne as tiny little Egyptian midriff showing card playing Marik.. I am totally all for it.

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Mels I saw a post that was talking about Liam missing a Republic Records Grammy showcase because of Sham 😡 Wut do you think

Well I mean, has anyone actually even seen Loammy Jean in the U.K.? I mean the only reason we know he’s there is because an update account leaked what was his supposed flight info. There’s a UMG artist showcase happening today (nowish in fact), so maybe he’ll be present at that?
If he’s not, I wouldn’t let it worry you, pickle. He’s got A List producers on his record and it seems like Capitol and Republic are Team Loammy Jean, so he’ll be alright.

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Budeeeh!! Dear, wut do you think about Bi-Han's grumpy mood?:D Do you think he loves his lil'bro and could befriend with someone or he very hidden and can't be less serious? I'm very interesting on your opinion about it! 🌚🌚🌚

Ahh, this is really interesting question, let me think about it a bit! 😊

I think he is grumpy most of the time, it’s part of his personality, so nothing to do about it. But the level of grumpiness depends on what person he is dealing with.

It’s usually not that bad but when it goes to Kuai, he wants to be that protective older brother. That means, he get immediately more grumpy and annoyed. He is like that to people he doesn’t know but as soon as he finds out they are alright and means no harm, he calms down. That doesn’t mean he stop with harsh comments. 😅

I also think he is super grumpy to these few people he actually really likes and cares about. Expect Kuai. He always tries to be as nice as possible to his lil’ bro. It’s like sort of his defense mechanism.

I guess that’s my opinion on this. I also totally headcannon the fact he is really rude and grumpy to Hydro because he cares about him, enjoys to be around and finds him funny but nope, he not gonna admit that. 😄💙

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...lmfao we actually go to the same salon wut

Wait do you mean the literal SAME ONE or the same chain, because I go to Fantastic Sam’s

tfw when you realise you’re so much more of a Burr than the Angelica you wish you were.

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rami such a smol sweet flirt by default how would one even know if he romantically interested?? he be acting like he in love and touchy w/everyone he meets! he's been that way so long he doesnt even know he doin' it. kirsten dunst said it, and he like WUT, boi you do this!

its adorable, he flirts with anyone and everything. what a cutie