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We know that Victor canonically finds Yuuris off season tummy cute. (Yuri on stage) Imagine them at home when Victor who clearly adores every little thing about Yuuri, tries to squish it for the first time.

“Yuuri, your offseason tummy is so cute. I want to squish it” Then with greedy grabby hands he just goes for it.

Yuuri who is embarrassed about how easily he gains wait yells “Stopppp Victor thats embarrassing”

Of course Victor is having non of that “why lubov moya, I adore you. You make me Happy. Every inch of you. Including your cute Lil tummy.”

“But Victor… I’m fat. Look at me.” Yuuri pouts

“I am.” Victor says while looking at Yuuri longingly.

Yuuris embarrassment softens but he just can’t wrap his brain around Victor finding him attractive.

“Yuuri you look like you’re in your head. Are you alright” Victor asks and Yuuri stares off wistfully. “I just don’t understand what you see in me is all”

“Let me show you” Victor responds and gestures to Yuuris body.

“Your eyes are deep and soulful.Your body is strong and moves like music. Your smile lights up a room. Your passion and willpower are admirable. Your laugh infectious. Your ass is sinful. Your thighs could kill a man in the best type if way. And when you go a little soft in the off season I love the feel of your skin under my hands.”

Yuuri looks up at Victor adoringly and Victor returns his gaze “and the way you’re looking at me right now is my favorite thing in the universe.” With that Victor leans down and presses a soft kiss to Yuuris lips.

“My ass is sinful huh?” He replies and Victor can’t help but smile and raise an eyebrow “Yes it truly is. Lucky for us both I have no aspirations to make it into heaven.”


Dean: Hey Cas! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Cas: Dean, of course it did! I told you this already.
Dean: Because I broke a nail crawling out of hell.
Cas: I’m sorry, Dean, I should have helped you. My sincere apologies.
Dean: Uh no, Cas. That’s not quite what I meant there.
Cas: I’m at a loss here, Dean.
Dean: That’s uh something..Uh we say when we..Oh you know what? Let’s just forget I said anything. It’s forgotten. That was way too cheesy anyway.
Cas: *Finds it cute how Dean is babbling on and on*


Oh! I saw your post saying that your tumblr is not working well to see the tags so I thought I summit this senpai! I no it’s bad sowwy senpai…. *quietly crys in the corner of the room*.. ;w;…. I just hope chu like it…* runs and tackles hugs you* eee senpai I can’t help it!!! X3 em sowwy!

Response to @ivywolf777:

Nooo- it’s not bad I love it!! Thank yooouuu-

tardisesandtitans  asked:

For someone who enjoys both Keanu Reeves and memes, I never knew that Reeves rhymed with memes until your blog XD Woah

a poem titled: 5ever Keanu Memes.

Keanu memes, is the dream, I dreamed.

Every nigh, every dae, he make da pain go away.

He the One™ ~he dat boi~ who make life okeh.

don’t just love him, 4 dat swiggity swooty, or dat fantastic booty, 

(de booty we know could use 2 kick our enemies patooty).

So, evn tho he sometime sad n moody, he still make our day.

bc, Keanu Memes is immortal, it remind us he here 2 stay.

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@tardisesandtitans, stay excellent, my most bodacious friend!

All my laughs and good vibes,