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Akakuro, hell + blind date...? :3 Sounds absurd but... I just wanna see it if you don't mind.

“Tetsu you have to do this.”



“It’s actually quite rare to hear you beg. Let me consider.”


Kuroko gave in, “Fine fine I’ll do it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go to your own blind date. How bad could one angel be?”

The table was set in a stone room, a neutral zone for angels and devils alike. It was emptied out for a specific blind date between an angel and a devil. As Aomine had said, the angel was already waiting.

The red-haired angel smiled at Kuroko, “You must be Aomine Daiki.”

“You must be Kagami Taiga.”

When the angel stood, he was only slightly taller than Kuroko. The devil swore Aomine said the angel was taller. 

They sat opposite each other and exchanged smiles. That was it.

“How’s work?” ‘Kagami’ started.

“Little dark, little gloomy. Alright I guess. How’s your work?”


Kuroko chuckled, “Is that all you can say?”

“This is a rather awkward topic to start with, Aomine.”

Kuroko smiled, “Perhaps if you actually met the real ‘Aomine Daiki’, you’d be more entertained. He’s better at holding conversations than I am.”

‘Kagami’ started laughing.

The devil tilted his head with a plain face, “Do you find something amusing?”

“Perhaps if ‘Aomine Daiki’ actually met ‘Kagami Taiga’, maybe they’d make a good match seeming they came up with the same tactic to send decoys for their blind date.”

When Kuroko realized what ‘Kagami’ meant, he laughed too.

“Idiots aren’t they?”

“Yes.” smiled ‘Kagami’, “I don’t know how Aomine is like but I enjoy your company. May I know your name?”

“Kuroko Tetsuya. And you?”

“Akashi Seijuro.”

They shook hands again, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.”

Akashi reached his hand out to Kuroko’s left cheek, “I’ve been meaning to say that your eyes are quite mesmerizing to look at. Such a natural color.”

Kuroko returned the compliment by brushing Akashi’s fringe, “Your hair captured my attention when I first saw you. It has a nice hue. Much unlike the fire I see.” And buried his fingers into the lock of hair above Akashi’s ear, “I could burn your face right now.”

“Why don’t you?” Akashi caressed Kuroko’s cheek directly, “I could use my divine gift to vaporize you.”

“Why don’t you?” Kuroko mocked back.

Akashi’s eyes softened, “You are a beautiful creation. I would never destroy such a thing.”

Kuroko felt his stomach churning. He had never been complimented before. Kuroko pulled his hand back and broke eye contact, “This is misleading. We were not the ones set up for this blind date.”

Akashi grabbed Kuroko’s hand, “We could be.”

“I am not fond of false hope, Akashi”

The angel slyly kissed the back of Kuroko’s hand, “Neither am I, Kuroko.”

Kuroko felt uneasy but… as a devil, he felt no…ill intentions from the angel. Akashi looked playful but he was genuinely asking for hope between them. If Kuroko agreed, they would be the first to give it a shot. Akashi was very easy on the eyes. If Kuroko were to start getting committed, Akashi didn’t seem like a bad first choice.

With newly founded determination, Kuroko pulled Akashi towards him from their connected hands. Caught off guard, Akashi jolted forward until he was inches from Kuroko’s face.

Kuroko leaned in, closer and closer but never made contact, “Try me.”

Akashi’s momentary shocked expression turned into a smug one, “With pleasure.”

You could say the first blind date between an angel and a devil was successful. 

Found these on Pinterest. And uhhhh…. Wow. I don’t even know where to start… The top picture is from an early make-up test, when Rob Kazinsky was still cast as Fili. The bottom is obviously the lovely Dean O'Gorman. Seriously the supposed “schedule conflict did the entire operation a fucking favor…for real though.”

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mayukuro siblings?

K here have a drabble ._. Warning for floofiness of bro bros. 

I just assumed you wanted something in fic-form cuz that’s all I’m good at wwwww

MayuKuro as siblings~?

He was like a potato. Tetsuya was literally a potato in a white blanket through Chihiro’s eyes. But Chihiro felt something stir in him as he held and carried his baby brother for the first time. 

“He’s so small. What if I drop him?”

“Then you should hold him tighter.”

Chihiro’s arms protectively cradled his brother’s head, “I will.”

“Tetsuya, get off me.”


Please get off me.”


“Moooooooom Tetsuya won’t get off meeee.”

Their mother chimed happily from the kitchen, “That’s his way of saying play with him!”

“I’m busy.”


Well, he technically was. Fighting the last boss in expert mode on his PSP took effort and concentration. Having his brother straddling his stomach wasn’t affecting him much but Chihiro could feel those blue round eyes boring holes into his PSP that stopped him from playing with his younger brother.

“Give me 14 minutes and I’ll play with you.”

‘Don’t say no don’t say no don’t say no please don’t say no I can’t deal with you crying on me right now.’


Tetsuya crawled backwards a bit before he flopped onto his brother’s torso quietly. His head was cushioned on Chihiro’s chest; falling and rising with each breath.

He was still so small compared to his elder brother. Chihiro didn’t take long defeating the final enemy, he just wanted to see what his brother would do. Tetsuya would usually force Chihiro to submit to playtime or he would go away and play with something in the house. Worst case scenario would be a cranky Tetsuya crying. But this would be the first time he chose to stay and wait. 

Just 9 minutes later, Chihiro realized that his brother was sleeping on top of him.

A soft smile adorned his face, “If you wanted me to put you down for a nap, you should have just said so.”

Chihiro placed the console away on the shelf behind him and opted to place his left hand on top his brother’s head. It reminded him of the first time he carried his brother.

“Then you should hold him tighter.” were their father’s words.

Chihiro relaxed his body after caressing his brother’s hair a few times, “…always..”

And that was how their parents found them later that summer afternoon, serenely sleeping together. 

Subxan'allah like yoooooo

I’m so strange wallahi I mean who the hell goes on YouTube and searches “roller coaster accidents” honestly has my boredom reached a level where it’s becoming a psychological issue?