wut da fuk

Hamilton Characters as ‘My Immortal Quotes’

Alexander: “OMG wut r u doing fuker he shooted angrily I don’t kno wut da fuk r u DOING I SHOUTED ANGRILY.”

Lafayette: “Every1 in the room stated to cry happly- I had saved them.”


Laurens: “I wuz so turned on cuz I love sensitive bi guyz. (if ur a homophone den fuk of!)”

Burr: "If thou doth not kill him, then I shall kill him anyways!”

Eliza: “He took of my top and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time.”

Angelica:  "Im good at too many things! WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!“

Madison: “”.” he said.”

Jefferson: He had a really big you-know-what but I was too mad to care.”

Washington: “You dunderheads!1111111111” screamed Dumbledore wisely as we went.”

Peggy: (AN: if u don’t know who she is gat da hell out of here!)

Phillip: “They chased me but I threw my wound at them and dey tripped over it”

Maria: “Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?” I shouted angrily.

King George lll: “I started to cry tears of blood down my pallid face.”

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a - age: 17
b - biggest fear: Being abducted by aliens (lmao so realistic but s t i l l)
c - current time: 22:35
d - drink you last had: pepsi
f - favorite song: The Glitch Mob - Animus Vox
g - ghosts, are they real: nah
h - hometown: Helsinki Stadi
i - in love with: the stuff i love
j - jealous of: bishie anime boys like wtf how dare they be so on point 24/7 like wut da fuk i wanna be an anime boy
k - killed someone: I remember when I accidentally stepped on a spider. I still think of that spider. I am hella scared of spiders but I BRUTALLY MURDERED AN INNOCENT LIFE WHY NO
l - last time you cried: lmao like I’d remember ((i never remember the last time i cried))
m - middle name: Charlotta
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: Imma be an anime boi nao kthxbai
p - person you last called/texted: my precious slave bf @nuubles
q - questions you’re always asked: “Are you wearing socks rn?” “What color is your toothbrush?” “How long is your index finger?”
r - reasons to smile: e v e r y t h i n g except some stuff
s - song last sang:  teleks - elämäni viimeinen rakkaus
t - time you woke up: 7:30
u - underwear colour: Turquoise!
v - vacation destination: my bed
w - worst habit: excessive use of “:D”
x - x-rays you’ve had: forearm, teeth
y - your favorite food: tortilla (iceberg salad, cheese sauce meant for nachos, meat or something that tastes the same, corn, pepper, cucumber)
z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Da luv of Den nd Fil pt.4

Den nd Fil wuz boiifrininds

dey luvd echoder mor den fuud

1 dey Den gut med et Fil

Fil leift en tiers

Den wuz sed

Den thot Fil no luvd hem no mor

Den dednt eet

Den dednt slep

Den…….wuz sed

1 dey Den pessd owt

Becuz hii wuz su sed

Fil cem hum nd saw Den

“NNUUU” Fil crid

Fil het Den 2 wak hem uip

“wut da fuk Den” Fil crid

“Fil..em sury…Fil” Den sed

“Whey Den…?” Fil ascked

“cuz u dnt luv meh aniemure” Den sed pessin ut agein

“i du luv u” Fil sed huldin Dens budy

“i…luv…u…2…….Fil bby” Den sed hes finel wurds

“i wil luv u 4evr…nu 5evr…nu….6EVR” Fil sed crien

Den deid

Fil creid en Dens erms till Fil deid

Dey livd hepily evr aftr en Hell

~~~Da ind~~~

part 3