The Signs as Michael Jones Quotes
  • Aries:“Now I’m just imaging Gus on his honeymoon, laying naked his bed while eating fried chicken.”
  • Taurus:"Your mother's a WHORE."
  • Gemini:"I went outside and got fucked in my ass!"
  • Cancer:"Be a wuss? You fucking built a fucking bitch ladder to the sky!"
  • Leo:"Don’t bring a sword to a bachelor party."
  • Libra:"I can be your favorite boy if you want."
  • Scorpio:"You guys are the best!... except YOU! YOU GO FUCK YOURSELF!"
  • Sagittarius:"Showoff, asshole. Fucking run around, whip your dick out, twirl it over your head."
  • Capricorn:"I don't have an education high enough to qualify me to beat this fucking thing. I WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL, OKAY?"
  • Aquarius:"Your objective is to fuck up bitches, bitch #1."
  • Pisces:"FAaiiISH!"

It is weird how a huge part of the pro-abortion argument is listing all these problems that come with being pregnant and the illnesses and mental problems and all that crap. I mean, my mom was pregnant (to term) 6 times and it’s actually helped her depression and anxiety in so many ways.

Pete: I had this itch on my face that started 2 seconds into the song, and my whole body started itching because I couldn’t itch it, and I feel ike I almost started hallucinating it got so bad. [laughs] I swear to God.

Joe: That’s cool.

Patrick: Wow, and you say I’m a wuss.

Pete: In my hallucination I was, uh…

Patrick: [makes a face like ‘go on’]

Pete: Lifting you over my head.

Patrick: [laughs] Fair enough.

Pete & Patrick: [look at each other]

Pete: [shrugs] It’s just how it happens.

Patrick: Crazy, dude.

[Totally unsubtle edit point, thanks KISS for removing whatever they said next.]

Pete: We wanted to thank KISS for bringing us in. Seattle has been very supportive of us for a long time, so thank you guys.

It's that time of year...

Where the rain starts and so do all the temporary short term relationships people feel obligated to be in because they’re too scared to be alone during the cold season.

Spn family ♥๏ธŽ

Do you ever have these moments, when you get completely overwhelmed by all the love in our fandom? and you just feel your whole heart growing in your chest? and you get this feeling like you really belong? and you just want to kiss every single person on the head and tell them how much you love them, and to always keep fighting? and you just wanna sing Carry On My Wayward Son on the top of your lungs for the world to hear? and then you just want to cry because you can’t do any of these things? Because I do. I love you guys, every single one of you. ♥︎

bunniii-bunnn asked:

dude is olive garden that good i want to go just because you always talk about how much u like it.. but idk is it good??

Olive Garden is good. People just say theres “better”, but they live in an alternate reality where there are locally owned italian restaurants, but i doubt anyone even goes to restaurants like that. I live in the suburbs, ok? I don’t live in the city. I don’t care. I like chain restaurants, I like cool indie music, I like Quiksilver board shorts, and nike flip flops, and I get shit done. I help keep America going. I’m not some art school wuss that wears a beret and drinks tea and hates America. I love America. America is the tightest country in the history of the planet. I’m wearing the sickest boardshorts ever, right now. I like Olive Garden, I eat there when I want some legit as fuck food, and I dont want to be hassled, its the spot. And if anyone has a problem with that, they can go fuck themselves. I’m an American.