wuss ride

Cars acotar characters would have

Rhysand: a sleek ass minivan for his future kids. Maybe he scents Feyre’s pregnancy and surprises her with it. There are most definitely heated seats and a bomb stereo. 

Feyre: a jeep wrangler. She takes the top down and rides around the city, letting her hair loose. She, Mor and Amren go flying. The back is clustered with her painting tools. Rhys pretends to be worried about it’s safety, but he loves going on night drives with her. The lights and moon illuminate her face, and she’s driving, so he can stare all he wants.

Mor: a porsche. You’d think she wanted it for its flare, but she loves going fast. It make her feel alive, and it helps that its a total babe magnet. Cassian is secretly jealous.

Azriel: a soccer mom car. What can he say? its practical. its the only car that “fits is wings, shadows, and edgy disposition,” -Amren, at some point.

Cassian: the Batmobile. First of all, puns are life. Second, its as brooding and flashy as he is.

Amren: shes a sassy snake. Everybody knows it. Tinted windows, base pounding. *side note- literally searched “snake car” and was not disappointed. 

Elain: cars are bad for the environment. She rides this through Velaris, later buying a basket that she loads with baked goods and flowers. Also, a knife. Cities have been known to be dangerous. She wears her chiffon dresses and flower crowns, smiling at bakers and painters. She has about 100 men hooked on her rosy cheeks.

Nesta: cars are for wusses. She rides this with a badass biker helmet- not because its safer, but because she secretly loves the way civilians ogle at her. And when she gets back home, she slowly takes it off and shakes her hair- slowly. Cassian ogles too. He swears slow motion entrances were gifted to her in the cauldron. She brushes past him, closing his mouth for him.

Tamlin: its his immortal life crisis. He isn’t ashamed. He calls it his tittymoblible. It gets egged most nights.

Bonus- Helion: not much to be said about this one. Pretty self explanatory.


Don’t be a Wuss (Ride a Puss) by Alex Wichman
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