Wusong Tuokao (Wusong Breaks Manacles) is a boxing set from Yanqing Quan/Mizong Quan style from Hebei/Shandong in North China. Based on the Legendary hero of the Water margin it includes the practice of combat with handlocks/ties/cuffs and relies on the use of the body and legs including kicks, sweeps, trips, knees, elbows, shoulder, hip and head strikes amongst others and even locking techniques. Many versions were created in recent times on the basis of the traditional method which is relatively rare nowadays.

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Wusung Kills The Tiger

Wusung Kills The Tiger

Have you ever read the book Outlaws of the Marsh?

I’m guessing that you haven’t. Most people have never heard of this book series. It’s 4 books that are pretty awesome.

The premise of the books is somewhat like Robin Hood except that it’s in China and rather than a small band of thieves the main character gets do many people together that he is leading an army and the emperor of China can’t…

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day 181 of 365:

i had to take this with a friend’s camera, because i was afraid the cold would mess mine up. we went to wusong today and saw one of the five natural wonders in china! the branches of the trees in wunsong have frost clinging to them ;w; it was fun! this is my friend julia ;w;