wushu master


The preparation for the role really came from talking with the show’s creators, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and one of the show’s directors, Alex Graves. They invited me into dialogues about the character very early; what motivates him, what makes him human. They were very trusting and generous, so there was a lot of room to explore, and to let the imagination run free. The writing was so good, so that really did most of the work.  The stunt team put me in some Wushu training with a master of the form for a couple of weeks before I started, and very intense fight rehearsals throughout. [x]

The first impression matters

Never, BUT NEVER, trust the first impression that you have about that new kpop band or this hot idol that you saw lately. Let me give you some examples.


Cool on stage, misterious in MVs, kind of emo concepts recently

But in real life they’re just 6 dorks with colourful personalities.


Hot, abs, angelic voice, freaking killer face.

But in real life is just a dinosaur, a cute puppy, that guy who cries at every award that his band wins.


Badass, the hottest man alive, wushu master, the leader of the band.

But he’s just a cute panda, with a teenage girl personality, who is scared by ghosts and shits like this, fucking maknae in EXO-M.


Your worst nightmare, fucking deep voice, serial killer.

In real life he’s the kindest person alive, a sweet hear, an angel without wings.


The cool and cold guy, misterious, hot, dangerous, with rapping skills.

In real life he’s just dumb. But still hot, bth. 

Bonus : Lay saying the truth.


Fucking original, Gods, serious idols.

In real life…well…I don’t have words to descriebe them.


Well, tbh, Block B are just themselves. They don’t try to be cool or sth, they’re just dorks all the time.

You are cute [Tao]

“Oh god, oppa!” You laughed without stopping as Tao hid behind the sofa.
“Why are you laughing Y/N?! There’s a bug there! Take it away!!” He cried, trying to hide from the little bug that was walking near the window. “Please.. stop laughing…” 
“I’m sorry, I can’t.. just the thought of my wushu master being so afraid of.. bugs.. it kills me” You continued laughing as you opened the window, letting the bug leave the house on its own. “Not so scary now, hm?”

“Oh hush! Don’t say that… is it gone now?” He peeped his head through the sofa, truly scared.
“Yes, it is. Now come here and continue cuddling with me!” You pouted, sitting again on the sofa, waiting for his arms to wrap your waist. “Thank god… I thought it was going to eat me!”
You laughed again, getting in return a judging face. “Oh come on.. do you remember the day we met?” With confusion all over his face, he nodded. “What about that day, Y/N?”
“That day you saved me from some thieves, remember? You looked so scary, jumping around and kicking things. It was really impressive.”
“Well, that day I never imagined that your weak point would be spiders..” You continued, giggling a little.
“Are you making fun of me baobei?” 
“No.. I’m just saying it’s cute. You are cute!” Kissing his cheek, you saw how he smiled, cheeks flushing. 
“Oh hush now! First you laugh and now you say I’m cute! That’s no way of treating your boyfriend!” He pouted, trying to be serious but his little giggles betraying him.
“Then how should I treat my boyfriend hm?” You teased as his face leaned closer to yours, waiting for a soft kiss.
“Like this!” He started tickling you, making you laugh more than ever, your whole body shaking. “Stop! Stop oppa!!”
“Only if you promise you won’t laugh again!”
“Fine!!… Fine!! I promise now stop!” You yelled, begging him to stop.
“Good! Now come here and kiss me. We have all the day for ourselves..” 
“Aish… I love you Tao!”

A/N: I really hope you like it! We don’t get many Tao requests so I’m glad someone did! Thank you! Xo, Admin A~

Towels are sexy

so I was talking to my friend monica today

monica: so are you still obsessed with towel?

me: who?..

monica: towel, you know, the creepy guy you showed me the other day

me: *facepalm* his name is TAO, T-A-O, TAO

monica: It sounds like towel to me, I’m calling him that

me: you seriously don’t understand anything.

later during our last class

me: look look, another picture of towel

monica 0_0…

me: 0_0

monica: 0_0

me: crap

Seventeen RPG

S.coups: this guys your typical, run-of-the-mill muscley knight-in-shining-armor–he can either come fully-equipped with shield and sword and helmet and greaves and all of those glistening mythril protectives, or he can come completely in the buff because his muscles are hard as stone, and it actually looks good. likes to attack archers.

Jun: a wushu master, which has different skins per area or country (like war monk or whatever) who channels spiritual energy into their kicks and punches or their weapon of choice. this guy also has a special vampire sub-job, DLC only. if you’re going against this and a ninja too consider yourself screwed

Joshua: a priest or cleric that smites evildoers with holy abilities, but also uses miraculous healing light, all by the grace of the almighty father. your party will be fully supported with this guy around. (theres a white mage joke here somewhere)

Mingyu: everyone knows that he’s the dancer/seductor character–the one with the charm abilities that make the enemy defect or kill themselves. he uses complete mastery of his own allure to vanquish his foes and maybe lure them into doing other things (like dishes and laundry). his favorite target? necromancers

Woozi: this guys the one wielding the big-ass hammer that no other person can even attempt to carry–he’s a warrior/berserker bent on hitting things hard with blunt objects (do not let loose on n00bs he will eat them)

Dino: one of those sick animorph beast boy-like characters who turns into spider/bear/chinchilla shapes or breathes toxic poison after learning it from death dinosaursdragons

Seungkwan: a bard, basically–he will sing hymns that will raise party morale or increase stats, but also screech out power ballads that would make enemies explode

Hoshi: samurai, definitely samurai, with dazzling swordsmanship moves that will amaze foes two seconds before they’re cut down into thin slices for fast cooking time (wait no hes not a cannibal i meant monster meat)

Wonwoo: really dark like, a twisted sort of necromancer, except he isnt powerful enough and can only reanimate dead bunnies and fish and stuff, maybe a sloth if hes really motivated (dancers/seductors motivate him)

DK: hes the potpourri, unusual, out-of-the-box special game-exclusive character, like a jester or an arithmetician or a mime–this guy has all the wacky skills and spells, like reversing HP and MP, or banishing the foes to the next map. or making them EXPLODE from laughter. literally. really enjoyable to play alongside the bard

The8: some speedy character, like a ninja–good for assassination missions since he pretends to be adoooorable and then schwoop he cuts the persons head off when his guard is down

Jeonghan: his long, flowing L’oréal hair will not at all impede him from shooting down foes as an archer. Legolas 2.0 anyone? fabulous and deadly, you wont know what hit you until you see the arrow sticking out of your rapidly beating chest (hes gorgeous af)

Vernon: hes the spellcaster who spits out complicated spells in swiggity-swagful rhymes, giving enemies a solid does of burn (from fireballs and lightning coming out of his staff)

Anon requested: exo reaction to you, after sexy time, telling him that you're pregnant (you and him are married)


Xiumin: *looking at the pregnancy test* you really are pregnant!


Luhan: You mean I’m finalyy going to be a dad?


Kris: Well, you didn’t think all that extra work I put in was for nothing right?


D.O: Did you hear that guys? _____ is pregnant!


Suho: Finally, someone o call me daddy because you never do!


Lay: We’re gonna be parents? Well, we’re going to be great ones


Baekhyun: Soon, your belly will be really big, and you’ll walk like a penguin. But a penguin holding my child


Chen: I’ so happy! *featuring you as Kai*


Chanyeol: Pregnant? That means you’re going to have a baby, right?


Tao: You’re going to give birth to the greatest Wushu master of all time


Sehun: Preg.Nant? Baby? You?


Kai: Repeat that, I think I heard wrongly.

Tao, wherever you are just know that EXO-Ls are here for you. We all know that you are going to receive that rush of criticism saying “you betrayed us” or “you were only in EXO to get famous”. Ignore all of that. Stay healthy and happy. Keep on being the best Gucci loving, Wushu mastering, peachy Kung Fu Panda that you can be. EXO-Ls promise that we got your back.