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Send me any of the following EXO questions :D ;

2. Kim Jongin or Kai?
3. MAMA or History?
4. Wolf or Growl?
5. Dancing line or Dansheen line? 
6. Whose voice in the Vocal line do you like the most? 
7. EXO K or EXO M
8. Leader Suho or Leader Krease?
9. Sassy Baek or Diva Chen?
10. Bulge or Booty?

Fuck, Marry, or Kill 

11. Kai, Sehun, Tao 
12. Kris, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, 
13. Luhan, Xiumin, Suho
14. Chen, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun
15. Lay, Tao, Suho
16. Kai, Chen, Kyungsoo
17. Sehun, Baekhyun, Tao 
18 Kris, Tao, Chanyeol
19. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen
20. Give me three names


21. What’s your favorite song off the XOXO Album?
22. Your favorite song off the Christmas album?
23. Favorite song off MAMA album?
24. Your favorite EXO song? 
25. Favorite hair color on {insert member’s name} 
26. Favorite EXO SHOWTIME episode? 

Other random questions

27. Is chicken your style? 
28. Lay’s EXO SHOWTIME theme song or EXO SHOWTIME theme song ft. RAPBYUN?
29. The galaxy or under the sea? 
30. Would you rather be EXO’s stylist Noona or EXO’s makeup noona? 
31. Would you rather be a Wushu master or a Barista?
32. Who moved up on your EXO bias list from debut to now? 
33. Which member of EXO would you wish was your brother? 
34. 5 reasons why you love EXO 
35. 5 things you wished EXO’s stylist didn’t make them wear
36. Who makes you want to punch them in face cause you just can't 
37. Who gives you feels, but you wish they didnt?
38. 10 Million dollars or a chance to be with EXO for 24 hours?
39. Your thoughts on Krease’s english.
40. Your bias list for EXO

One of my favourite on screen weapons: the rope dart.

I’ve always been enamored with how martial artist use the rope dart. The flick off the foot, around the back, the twist around the neck etc. It always looks so dope. Even Jackie pulls out some solid rope dart work (or rope and horse shoe) in “Shanghai Noon”.
This scene is from the Wushu filled film, “South Shaolin Master”.


The preparation for the role really came from talking with the show’s creators, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and one of the show’s directors, Alex Graves. They invited me into dialogues about the character very early; what motivates him, what makes him human. They were very trusting and generous, so there was a lot of room to explore, and to let the imagination run free. The writing was so good, so that really did most of the work.  The stunt team put me in some Wushu training with a master of the form for a couple of weeks before I started, and very intense fight rehearsals throughout. [x]

EXO M Next Door Part 3
  • Xiumin: Hey! You!
  • Luhan: Xiumin is looking at me! My life is amazing!
  • Xiumin: Yeah, whatever. Did you not get my LINE message?
  • Luhan: No, I deleted LINE after it got blocked in China and never added it again. -looks at camera- Although, it should not have been blocked. Petition today to keep this amazing app unblocked!
  • Xiumin: Yeah, it's pretty stupid that was blocked. What could people POSSIBLY use for messaging if they don't have LINE?
  • Kris: WeChat?
  • Xiumin: Exactly. Nothing.
  • Luhan: Yea, that's true, most people here use WeChat.
  • Xiumin: So since you have absolutely no messaging app, I had to hunt you down in person like it's the freakin dark ages
  • Luhan: Why did you want to find me? :)
  • Xiumin: We need to lay down some ground rules for you working in our house as the cleaning lady.
  • Luhan: I'll lay down your ground rules
  • Xiumin: what
  • Luhan: what
  • Xiumin: What does that even mean? Was that innuendo?
  • Kris: Suho's here!!
  • Suho: What? I'm not Suho. I'm Tao. Don't you see my wushu stick?
  • Kris: That's just a regular twig... like... from a tree.
  • Suho: Yes, it is I, wushu master Tao. And I am wondering if you can direct me to a place where I can purchase adorable stuffed animals.
  • Kris: I don't understand. Why are you Tao?
  • Suho: The real Tao is in LA but the fans demanded Tao be in EXO M Next Door. Work with us here.
  • Kris: Oh. Well, I have lots of stuffed animals in the tent in my mom's backyard.
  • Suho: Wow, I sure would love to see them. Thanks stranger!
  • Xiumin: Why do you live in a tent?
  • Kris: Why don't you shut up?
  • -Kris takes Suho into his tent-
  • Suho: Indeed, you have an enviable stuffed animal collection. -hugs Kris- We shall be friends!
  • Kris: -sniffs Suho's hair- I've missed you, my angel.
You are cute [Tao]

“Oh god, oppa!” You laughed without stopping as Tao hid behind the sofa.
“Why are you laughing Y/N?! There’s a bug there! Take it away!!” He cried, trying to hide from the little bug that was walking near the window. “Please.. stop laughing…” 
“I’m sorry, I can’t.. just the thought of my wushu master being so afraid of.. bugs.. it kills me” You continued laughing as you opened the window, letting the bug leave the house on its own. “Not so scary now, hm?”

“Oh hush! Don’t say that… is it gone now?” He peeped his head through the sofa, truly scared.
“Yes, it is. Now come here and continue cuddling with me!” You pouted, sitting again on the sofa, waiting for his arms to wrap your waist. “Thank god… I thought it was going to eat me!”
You laughed again, getting in return a judging face. “Oh come on.. do you remember the day we met?” With confusion all over his face, he nodded. “What about that day, Y/N?”
“That day you saved me from some thieves, remember? You looked so scary, jumping around and kicking things. It was really impressive.”
“Well, that day I never imagined that your weak point would be spiders..” You continued, giggling a little.
“Are you making fun of me baobei?” 
“No.. I’m just saying it’s cute. You are cute!” Kissing his cheek, you saw how he smiled, cheeks flushing. 
“Oh hush now! First you laugh and now you say I’m cute! That’s no way of treating your boyfriend!” He pouted, trying to be serious but his little giggles betraying him.
“Then how should I treat my boyfriend hm?” You teased as his face leaned closer to yours, waiting for a soft kiss.
“Like this!” He started tickling you, making you laugh more than ever, your whole body shaking. “Stop! Stop oppa!!”
“Only if you promise you won’t laugh again!”
“Fine!!… Fine!! I promise now stop!” You yelled, begging him to stop.
“Good! Now come here and kiss me. We have all the day for ourselves..” 
“Aish… I love you Tao!”

A/N: I really hope you like it! We don’t get many Tao requests so I’m glad someone did! Thank you! Xo, Admin A~


Action star Donnie Yen placed his deadly hands and feet in cement at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre Wednesday, voicing hope that his career would inspire fellow Asians to take up acting.

The martial artist – a multiple world champion in the wushu fighting style – was being honored for a body of work mainly in Chinese cinema, although he also stars in the much-anticipated “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

“Sometimes being an Asian actor is not easy. Unfortunately, for many years, Asian actors didn’t have the same, equal opportunities,” the 53-year-old Hong Kong resident told AFP at the ceremony.

“But I think that things have been changing,” he added. “And I certainly would like to be one actor that set a good example.”

Overshadowed over the years by Jackie Chan and other sought-after kung fu stars, Yen has been gradually breaking into Hollywood since appearing in Guillermo del Toro’s “Blade II” in 2002.

In “Rogue One,” due to be released on December 16, he plays a warrior monk who is part of a heroic band of rebels that steals plans for the Death Star.

He also stars opposite Vin Diesel in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” which hits theaters on January 20.

Born in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, Yen came to Hong Kong – where he lives now – at the age of two and later moved to the United States, growing up in Boston’s Chinatown.

- ‘Ridiculous stereotype’ -

Much of the star’s inspiration comes from his mother, Bow Sim-Mark, a world famous wushu and tai chi master, at whose internationally-known Chinese Wushu Research Institute the young Yen learned kung fu.

When he became involved in gang violence in Boston at age 16, his worried parents sent him to Beijing, where he spent two years training with the famed Beijing wushu team, studying with the same masters as Jet Li.

Yen’s turning point came when the veteran film director Yuen Wo-ping, the action choreographer for the “Matrix” trilogy, discovered him and helped him break into movies as the new kung fu hero.

Yen has spent years since then using his celebrity to wage a campaign to kick the Asian stereotype out of Hollywood.

In the mid-1990s, he turned down an offer from Francis Ford Coppola because of a script he said contained “a ridiculous stereotype about the Chinese.”

He also rejected an offer to be in the “Tomb Raider” sequel, which China banned for making the country appear lawless and run by secret societies.

“I hope this ceremony, this achievement, will inspire many Chinese actors – not just Chinese actors, but many young actors – that they, too, can achieve the same dream if they put enough hard work into it,” he said before sinking his hands into the cement.

“The force is with me and the force is with everybody.”

Welcome to exo-m

where the hyung can look like a five year old

the vocalist has guns like this

the seemingly cool 6 ft. 2 leader

is really just a big ball of derp

and the wushu master…

belongs more in the club than anywhere else

the member voted as one of china’s 5 male gods

coughs like this

and makes faces like this

and this

while the same person who claims that they are a manly group

did this on national television

and enjoyed it.

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Quite a few month I haven’t talk to you, hope you are OK ^^!
I miss seeing your comics … I just stalked your blog and see nothing much actually! 
Thanks for still put Kris in everything…

How are you?
I think I started seeing you from September or August last year… its beeen already a year…. Thank you for your arts and many things you did … the comics you created really made me happy, OWO,
Sorreey I talked a lot TT!

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Thank you for supporting me for a long time! I’m very good these days^^ You see, I’m updating frequently this week. Oh, It is an one-year anniversary soon! Thank you very much♡

Anonymous said to exonewcomer:LOL. Your Girly!suho and xiuhan vs taod.o are not only make me smile, but actually make My day! #giggles all day long Like a nut. Like, omfg, Tao c'mon. You’re the wushu master, right? How can you end up hiding behind that squshy lil’ thing? What Have you done to lu-ge? Hahaha… Okay. Ahem. So… I’ve been thinking for this whole month that… D.o and Tao are of the same age-aren’t they? Glad to see ‘93 liners and '94 liners ruining their hyungs life! #smiling creepyly

hahaaahha keep calm please~~~^^ ^^ ^^ I still can’t believe that they are the same age, and '94 liner are older than them haha…

Anonymous said to exonewcomer:O_o …. Marry me?


Anonymous said to exonewcomer:I saw somebody died on the right corner. Who’s that poor guy? @-@

um… maybe chanyeol ssi?

Anonymous said to exonewcomer:Could you draw kris reaction when he saw suho perform as a girl please?

I really love your drawings so much that I just had to send this message. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for still including Kris:D — ulbookworm


Anonymous said to exonewcomer:omg your drawings are amazing i wish i could draw like that ^^

Thanks, I want to improve further~~~ Let's practice together!! 

Anonymous said to exonewcomer:Exo on summer camp?

I already have a same request! Please wait just a little longer~

There have been some things that make me feel very depressed recently.. but thank your paintings always make me able to cheer myself up! As a fan I always have been support for you~ Hope you have a Nice day! Continue to share more and better exo~^^ Love & Thanks ♡ — parksunday

Oh, are you alright? I’ll do whatever I can to gain your smile! Fighting!!!
Introducing Seventeen

Seungcheol: Seungcheol is the leader of the group! Sometimes he may seem very tough and hard on the members but he’s actually very kind and loving towards is members. He is very jokey with them and always looks out for their safety. HES VERY AFFECTIONATE!! He has a habit of resting on them or hugging them, Its so cute. He is also very dedicated to his work. He was one of the original pledis boys and was one of the trainees who trained for the longest. He used to get sick very easily and he would still practice! He is a very caring leader. :) Plus his dimples are the cutest! 

Jeonghan: Jeonghan he might look very quiet and calm but he is the exact opposite. He is very playful and loving! Which is adorable… He was one of the last members to join seventeen and was known and still is known as the Angel because of his birthday! He sort of has this thing with the members where he claims them all as his! “dino who’s baby are you” “Jeonghannie hyungs” 

Joshua: This cutie was known as the American Hyung for a while and he still is! He is very mature and kind-hearted although if you catch them at the right moment you can tell he has an inner wild side! He does have his silly moments and is assigned one of the funniest members by Hoshi

Jun: Although Jun isn’t as loud or talkative as the other members he has a big personaility! (which you can see on some of their interviews) He is very thoughtful and caring when it comes to the other members especially, Minghao. They’ve always had a special bond. At times, he can be weird or hyper when he is with his other members

Hoshi: This boy is a literal ball of sunshine. He has such a caring personality towards is members when it comes to being the performance leader he always makes sure that all the members are seen and have equal time in the front :-) Hoshi can be very loud.. well not can be, he is! He is very loving and touchy with his other members you can tell how much he cares for them. I love this little ball of energy

Wonwoo: He mostly keeps to himself but there’s no doubt that he has quite the personality! He can be very charismatic and hyper when he is in the right mood! On stage, he would completely surprise you with his deep stares and deep ass voice but within a second he can be the squishiest ball.

Woozi: He is very passionate about his music, although he doesn't sleep much he always manages to smile and give lots of shy fanservice to his fans. He tries to have this cool outside shell but on the inside, he really is just a ball of cuteness. Woozi is very clingy with his other members! He is usually always getting piggy back rides or koala hugging them all. He is a little insecure about his height (he’s the shortest lil bean) but he has come to accept it more which is amazing.

Seokmin: He is the brightest and happiest little thing ever! He always has the biggest smile on his face and is always entertaining others. He, according to woozi is the mood maker of the group. He is the biggest softie and is also very goofy and affectionate! Seokmin is ver hard on himself about his voice and it’s really sad because his voice is amazing.

Mingyu: The best way I could describe him is the “giant visual Goofball” He is extremely clumsy and is usually with dino the one who’s always pretty confused. According to some of the members, he is the loudest. Once you get pasted his gorgeous model-like face and tree like height he really is just a wonwoo loving goofball

Minghao: ooh lord I can say so much out him. Minghao is the quietest along with jun. Now that he has gotten a lot more confident with his Korean, he is much wittier and funny, also not as shy. He is extremely lovable and is a legit cinnamon roll but don’t get him twisted he is a master at wushu and will beat you. He is very dedicated to learning Korean and he makes quite the effort to communicate with the others as much as he can and it just makes me so happy.

Seungkwan: Mr. Seungkwan, has tons of variety skills up his sleeve. He is the mood maker and MC along with Seokmin. He is really funny, talkative and enthusiastic. Which makes him really good with fans. He is also very sensitive, he’s a crier and his love toward his mom is amazing.

Vernon: He is an American Korean but he considers himself more Korean raised due to him being raised in Korea since he was five. Vernon is the most laid-back, relaxed and lazy one of the group. He can also be very outgoing and a little weird. Plus his laugh is fantastically contagious.

Dino: Awww our little baby okay well! First of all this boy seeps charisma like he’s a hyung. For someone so young he has this passion for dancing that just gives you chills when he dances. He almost puts on this act of toughness but he is really just an innocent cutie! He is super squishy!

Anon requested: exo reaction to you, after sexy time, telling him that you're pregnant (you and him are married)


Xiumin: *looking at the pregnancy test* you really are pregnant!


Luhan: You mean I’m finalyy going to be a dad?


Kris: Well, you didn’t think all that extra work I put in was for nothing right?


D.O: Did you hear that guys? _____ is pregnant!


Suho: Finally, someone o call me daddy because you never do!


Lay: We’re gonna be parents? Well, we’re going to be great ones


Baekhyun: Soon, your belly will be really big, and you’ll walk like a penguin. But a penguin holding my child


Chen: I’ so happy! *featuring you as Kai*


Chanyeol: Pregnant? That means you’re going to have a baby, right?


Tao: You’re going to give birth to the greatest Wushu master of all time


Sehun: Preg.Nant? Baby? You?


Kai: Repeat that, I think I heard wrongly.

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain what is going on to a person who didn t even know about this fandom a minute ago what is call me daddy who are those boys why are they so cute i need answers thank u my friend

exo is a kpop group they’ve debuted in 2012. they’re originally a 12 member (now 10) group split into 2 subunits: exo k, who promote in korean and exo m, who promote in mandarin.

the fandom is called exo l, because you know the letter l is between the letters k and m in the alphabet. 

so anyway they’re having a comeback really soon and on nappytabs (choreographers) website there’s a list of music videos they’ve choreographed and there it says “call me daddy” by exo. so now everyone thinks that’s the title of their comeback song but it’s really just the title of the original demo song and I’m like 102% sure that it won’t be the actual title of the song.  

those are the members:

exo k members:

kim junmyeon aka suho:

- leader

- daddy mom of the group

- rich

- most embarrassing human ever omg

- really ugly when he cries

- takes good care of everyone and always holds great speeches at award shows

this is park chanyeol:

- voice as deep as the ocean

- happy virus

- tall

- not good at dancing

- main rapper

- plays instruments and writes songs

this is oh sehun:

- youngest

- brat

- nicknamed sebooty because he’s got the greatest ass in korea

- gets like 2 lines in every album

- makes up dumb words like yehet and ohorat

this is byun baekhyun:

- nicknamed bacon because people can’t pronounce his name

- king of eyeliner

- mocks everyone

- main vocalist

- dumb

- even more dumb when with chanyeol

- dumbest when with chanyeol and chen (they call them beagle line)

- has really nice hands

this is do kyungsoo aka d.o:

- holy fuck most amazing voice you will ever hear

- like give him a solo album already

- you know when people compare voices to food like honey and chocolate and what not? yeah. that. all of that.

- tiny baby penguin

- really cute and squishy

- also satan

- he can act really well too wtf

- big eyes and heart shaped smile

this is kim jongin aka kai:

- main dancer

- sex god on stage

- he’ll drive you insane with his hip thrusts and body rolls and lip biting and bedroom eyes

- but don’t be fooled by that because he’s actually mentally 5

- loves dogs (he has 3 and calls them his children)

- obsessed with chicken

- always sleepy

- is actually the sweetest, cheesiest person on earth, the things he writes to his fans will make your heart melt

- in love with kyungsoo

exo m members:

this is wu yifan aka kris: 

this is luhan:

they both quit and are now famous celebrities in china

this is huang zitao aka tao:

- child

- scared of showering alone

- wushu master

- loves gucci

- has a dog named candy

- takes like 500 selfies a day

- main rapper

this is zhang yixing aka lay:

- magic healing unicorn

- always seems high

- main dancer of exo m

- can sing well too

- writes songs and plays instruments

- has a strange obsession with baekhyuns grandmothers house

this is kim minseok aka xiumin:

- sings very well but never really gets any lines

- dances way too good for the fact that he got cast for his singing

- is korean but a member of exo m

- nicknames baozi which means bun

- he’s the strongest

- he’s also the oldest

this is kim jongdae aka chen:

- technically the best vocalist in exo

- also korean even though in exo m

- troll

- always smiles

- always hugs everyone

- gives out hot packs to ghosts in haunted houses and thanks his parents during award speeches

- like basically impossible not to like, you go chen, 4 for you chen

I hope this helped :)

Exo Introduction.

Starting from the oldest…..

Kim minseok.

He might be really cute and all..

But in fact, he is …. That sexy beast.

Lu Han.
He thinks he is manly..

But, he’s a manly derpprincess.. Well.

Wu Yi Fan, Kris.

He’s a fashionista…. Def a prince.

But, he’s a …. you’ll see.

Kim Joon Myun, Suho.

He’s a sexy leader..

Then he became…. This. Gramps Suho now.

Zhang Yi Xing, Lay.

Our JPG unicorn Lay.

But he’s a gifted man, really.

Byun Baek Hyun.

He’s a cutie.

In fact, He’s really sassy too.

Kim Jongdae, Chen. 

Def a hottie.

And a troll that never back down.

Park Chanyeol.

He’s derpyeol.

But, he’s a cute combined sexy man.

Do Kyung Soo, D.O.

A creeper.

But, he’s really squishy and 4D.

Huang Zi Tao.

Wushu master.

But, he’s Exo’s panda!

Kim Jongin, Kai.

Sexy dancing machine.

But he’s a sweetie, really shy.

Oh Sehun.

Maknae maturing really fast.

But is really derp.


This is for anon A (you know who you’re)



We are very excited to premiere our new video for “Running In Circles” starring Wushu master, Sifu Chen Ying


Did you have to do any special fight training to prep for it?

- Yeah, yeah. They put me in training  with this guy Master Hu in L.A., actually, a few weeks before I flew out to set. He’s a master of Wushu, which is an acrobatic martial art. We used these really long bamboo sticks, and he started teaching me the basics, the possibilities of moves in a fight, stuff like that, and it’s a lot of twisting of the body while propelling a spear around. And I’d go to practice on my own. I bought a curtain rod from Home Depot, and I had this empty apartment, because I just got this lease on a new apartment in Los Angeles. I’ve lived in New York for most of my adult life, but I was doing the L.A. thing more and more. So I had all this space to learn this one particular move of helicoptering the spear and getting it to make this whooshing noise. [Laughs] So I practiced that in the empty apartment and whacked myself in the face quite a bit. [Laughs]