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freiburg im breisgau (baden-württemberg, germany)

royaland  asked:

I would like to know more about the tiaras of the House of Wurttemberg,I have seen some photos and they are so big !Do you nave any info?Thank you and sorry if my English is very bad:)

German tiaras aren’t my strong suit but here’s the tiaras that belong to the present Duke and Duchess of Württemberg, Carl and Diane.

The large diamond tiara that was worn by Princess Diane of Orleans when she married Duke Carl of Württemberg in 1960 and Princess Marie of Wied when she married Diane and Carl’s son Friedrich in 1993.

Two other diamonds tiaras worn her by Diane’s daughters, Mathilde and Fleur, on their wedding days

And then three colorful tiaras in emerald, ruby, and sapphire worn below by Diane

Of the tiaras that are no longer with the main line of the family, the two most impressive are the ones from the Württemberg crown jewels.  Both of them are now on display at the Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany.

Queen Pauline’s Diamond Tiara

Queen Charlotte’s Diamond Tiara


Stuttgart, Germany (by DelightTurkish)

Tsar Nicholas II’s coronation, 1896:

Seated L-R: Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna and the Duchess of Connaught

Standing L-R: Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna, Grand Duchess Anastasia Mihailovna, Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna (the elder), Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikevna and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Forground: Duchess Elsa of Wurttemberg