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Wursuf·       FOR EVERYONE who has never seen this.  SWANQUEEN of EPIC proportions.  

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Sorry for taking for granted that other people may not know what mvids are. I hate when people do that to me, so thanks for being understanding of my failure. Here's my earlier comment so you don't have to go looking for it again. "Do you have any SwanQueen mvid recs? (As many as you can come up with)" mvid=music video recs=recommendations Thank you :)

No need to apologize, my dear. I’m assuming by ‘music video’, you mean like general fanvids, and if so, there are SO MANY for the Swan Queen fandom, and so many incredible ones at that. Here are a few that I definitely recommend:

“The Power of Weakness” by Wursuf

“So does this make us both the other woman? (Fanfiction Trailer)” by UBAmandaFan2

“Unconditionally” by UBAmandaFan2

“A Thin Veil (Fanfiction Trailer)” by Cailyn K.

“Loving Her Was Red” by Cailyn K.

“Say Something and Give Me Love” by UBAmandaFan2

“Incoming Messages (Fanfiction Trailer)” by Masque101

“You’ll Be My Resolution” by eemersonm

“Teeth” by King Trouble

“All of Me” by King Trouble

“Let’s Go (Geronimo)” by eemersonm

“Want You Bad” by XInsaneDruX

“So Cold” by xWhatsYourFandomx

“maybe we are” by freddy;

And a ton more, but there are a few to get you started. :) XO

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What are your top three SwanQueen and/or SwanMills family videos?

Swan Queen:

The Power of Weakness by Wursuf :


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by Nialies:


Alone Again by DarkParadiseProdz:


Swan-Mills Family:

Clarity by xxXLauraAlanaXxx


I Need to Get Emma Back by WCK480l95LOTS


I’ll Be Your Soldier by Chocolatelina


And as a bonus, check out my channel.I have several that I made. ;)



Favorite fanvids -> 10/ :  The Power of Weakness  by Wursuf