October 8th 2011

So this is the first trip of season two for us adventurers. The original plan was to go check out the waterfall at Wadi Wurayah. Upon arrival the police were at the entrance telling us a land slide had happened (because of the rain), and access to the wadi was denied. We decided to find another spot to discover, we hadn’t driven two hours just to turn back after all. Not far from the entrance to Wadi Wurayah, we find a smaller, shorter wadi and our hike began. It wasn’t a long one, some 15-20mins through easy terrain (quite slippery cause of the rain though). The end of the wadi revealed an amazing sight: we had reached the Wurayah Dam. Yes, inside the dam. Thankfully it was dry when we got there. But not 15 minutes after we hiked out of it, a flash flood came in destroying pretty much everything that was there and forming a sort of river. Quite a unique sight to be seen here in the  UAE i must add. The river also passed through the only two roads in and out of the area, and my dear friend’s BMW was on the other side. It took some courage, but he eventually drove across the the river without any damage to his beloved car. All in all, it was quite an eventful day, the rain was always a joy seeing as we get so little in this region and the flash flood was a wake up call: never hang around inside a dam, they are meant to be filled with water after all.