Just a quicke before bed - It feels like a distant dream that villainous is greenlit - but it is and its just, so, damn, EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And its just, damn, I dunno, a thank you to CN, thank you to Alan, and thank you to the entire fanbase for supporting this amazing soon-to-be-an-11-more-shorts villanos/villainous and pushing it to this point, aaaaaaaaaa I’m so proud of Alan and the animation team aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

And honestly if it wasn’t for the rockin ppl in this fandom I wouldn’t be enjoying villainous as much as I am!! So this is a thank you to EVERYONE - 



Here are the other new pin designs (along with Bastet and Anubis!!) that I’m hoping to have in about a month!! I’m very excited for them. :) The blue anodised aluminium metal on the third whaleshark colourway is something that my manufacturer isn’t 100% sure they can do yet but they’re gonna look into it for me so that’s really exciting!! I love trying new things. >:3c

I wanna make more pinssssssss… I hope these arrive in time for my August convention and do well so I can design more!

You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is


nailed it

I see evil when i look in my shaving mirror. It is, philosophically, present everywhere in the universe in order, apparently, to highlight the existance of good. I think there is more to this theory, but I tend to burst out laughing at this point.
—  Terry Pratchett - Unseen Academicald

the idea people can’t accept valkyrie could wup loki is hilarious because they’re indirectly proving how much they really aren’t fans of loki. he’s not super adept and hand to hand - he could probably kick my ass yeah but it’s not his specialty. It’s WHY be pulls all this conniving violence and manipulation because he’s small and not as powerful as the gods that surrounded him.

Not even to mention the women of thors world tend to be far stronger - like straight up loki himself was probably not expecting to win a fight against her