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Pictures of the old Wunk Sheek space. The balcony to access these spaces is getting removed over winter break, so I went in while MEChA was marking the stuff that needed to get moved and took pictures of the space as it currently stands. Beautiful.

The art is not mine. It was created by members of our sister org, MEChA. The art is BEAUTIFUL! I was blown away when I walked into the space. Enjoy the pictures :)

Here’s a little background info of the org just to emphasize how wonderful of an event this will be. Wunk Sheek has been an organization at UW-Madison for over 40 years. A couple years ago, we were defunded losing I think around $50,000 to $100,000 in annual funding. Because of this all the direct services we provided such as the Veteran’s Day Powwow, multiple events during November for Native Heritage month, the spring powwow and other events, speakers and activities became near to impossible to put on to the extent they were in past years. But, amazingly, this is the first powwow in 2 years(!) put together without our funding, but from funding provided from other student orgs, coalitions, donations from different schools at the UW and even from the Ho Chunk Nation! We went from $0 to over $25,000 in a matter of a couple months due to hard work from our organization and other multicultural orgs’ desire to see Native culture revived on this campus. We can’t wait to see the turnout! :)

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I just wanted to explain my absence for the past months. I’ve been hard at work trying to put on the Wunk Sheek Spring Annual Powwow. Wunk Sheek is the Native American student org at UW Madison. Unfortunately a couple years ago we lost our eligibility and our funding. We used to have thousands of dollars that would make putting on events EASY but now we have to exhaust resources to put on an event that, after 2 years, mostly no one has ever seen.

We’ve had a lot of obstacles come in our way but we are finally back on the right track! I’m hoping to get pictures and whatnot of the powwow because I love documenting mine and especially Wunk Sheek’s work and progress!

Powwows are hard work, so that’s why I’ve been away. As soon as this powwow is a success, look forward to more posts on this site :)