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anderwelt  asked:

The most angsty bad end you can think of between Ronya and Wunibald ~ =o



Probably just Wuni losing his family again? Enn dying, him and ronya growing distant… or ronya dying, or growing afraid of wuni for a reason or another.

Or; Ronya NEARLY dying, while protecing one or more of her children – Enn, Detlef, Denna, Brandon… or perhaps an unborn or just newborn unmentioned child? Nonetheless, her protection fails, and the child she tried to protect dies.

She’s lingering on the edge of death for a long time, Wuni doing all he can to keep her and the rest of the family alive and stable. Wuni is reaching his utmost limits, but refuses to give up.

When Ronya finally wakes, she doesn’t remember anything of her married life, or perhaps of her life after joining the army altogether – how far her amnesia goes is irrelevant: The focal point is that she’s forgotten about ever marrying wuni - perhaps wuni himself, as well. She’s also forgotten of her children, even the one who died despite her struggles.

She’s confused, but not remembering her reasons to struggle, she soon returns to her happy and gentle self before anything of this happened. Wuni watches and helps her return to her health, never telling her what truly happened / their marriage / the child etc. He becomes like a guardian / father to her – perhaps she even starts considering / calling him “father”? Eventually the day comes when she falls for someone else, even accepting their proposal. And as she happily tells her “father” of her engagement, she can’t see behind Wuni’s fake smile.

If he acts now, he’ll just scare her. If he tells her, he’ll just hurt her. He’s already used to suffering – what’s a few years more? He gives up his second family in exchange for his wife’s happiness. Because that’s how he is. Sacraficing and feels like he doesn’t deserve happiness.

ronyavalentine  asked:

(Eriin why are you making us torture your characters wHY DON'T YOU DO IT ENOUGH BY YOURSELF -proceeds to take part anyway-) Ronya @ Wunibald: D-Don't get any closer!!! I-I swear to g-gods, if you come any closer— Go away!! You're scaring me... Just please leave me be!! // OR OPTIONALLY: Again, Ronya @ Wuni: I need to confess something, darling. Ennelyn is not your daughter.

There is never enough Angst on my blog ~

Originally posted by meddusah

Ronya: I need to confess something, darling. Ennelyn is not your daughter

“I still love her more than anything in the world. Don’t take this from me… don’t take Ennelyn from my life. I do everything.”

Sentence meme (Torture my character version) 

anonymous asked:

Does Ennelyn accept Detelf as brother?

(Well, if she’s wuni’s kid, she’s definitely gonna accept any fam she’s gonna get through her old dad~!)

Enn absolutely ADORES Detlef (and Brandon, as well!) and is always trying to get her the attention of her brother(s), just wanting to be like a normal sibling pair, feeling depressed about missing an entire lifeful of them – both her own as well as her brother’s, who grew up naturally and NOT in a deeprealm.

Overall, Enn adores her siblings in every world. They are her most precious people, right there with her parents.

Ah! Ofc, she’d warm up to Denna, as well! Warming up to her would take a while longer though for…. reasons yet to be revealed lmao.

Detlef and Denna @soundlessroom
Brandon @sakudrew

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OMG AMAL IS FOLLOWING WUNIBALD??? “You are so cute and young, not even 100!” I picture him like a happy dog next to wuni XDD

Amai is a puppy man… honestly… it probably doesn’t help Wunibald that he has long hair because now Amai would just want to put bows in it…

anderwelt  asked:

I am watching you from afar, you work hard to get valued by everyone here. Sometimes your Smile is so sad I just want to hug you. It's a smile I know very well. I'm writing this letter to explain to you how I feel. I am starting to fall for you, and it is driving me crazy, because I can't seem to tell you how I really feel. I just wish I could hear those same words from you. Maybe one day I will, but until then I guess all I can do is wait. (Unknown)

This is screaming both father and son at me… wuni/detlef…. gosh… what’s with all these bittersweet love letters?? Yall striking right through my heart here you lovelies….. what a heartfelt letter…