Wundermap - Tip

In case you aren’t aware of this (I wasn’t until about 2 months ago), you can go to Wunderground.com and use their “Wundermap” feature to show the USGS flow information available in the area you plan to paddle.  This is particularly useful for rivers.  If the flow is too low, you’ll be dragging your bottom.  Too high and conditions might be very dangerous.  If you’re planning on paddling a long distance away from home, it’s very possible that that area has had more or less rain than you had.  It’s always good to check first.  And now, thanks to the US Geological Survey’s Real Time Data Network, you can get current river flows at many locations with the click of your mouse. 

Once you open up the Wundermap (button on the left part way down the page), you can select what you want to show on it.  Check “USGS River”.  Then select “Percentile wet-> dry”.  In this way, a green icon will show normal flows, blue higher flow than normal, and yellow, a lower flow than normal for this day of the year.